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Recommended Brompton spares when travelling abroad

You may be lucky enough to be going on holiday with your Brompton and want to know which parts you should take with you if Brompton spares aren’t available where you are going

The list is a guide only, and does not cover all eventualities

Some parts which are appropriate to the model in question, e.g. Sturmey Archer hub parts,  derailleur / non-derailleur parts

Before you go check the following on your bike - it will reduce a lot of the need for carrying spares!

But that being said - it's possible you will need some spares - especially if travelling on a long journey / somewhere with limited Brompton retailers

Parts to take when travelling

Small parts, essential to enable the bike to be ridden and used

  • Rear sprocket(s)

  • Suspension block

  • Chain tensioner

  • Chain tensioner nut

  • Gear indicator chain (for bikes with hub gear)

  • Gear cables

  • Brake cables

  • Hinge clamp assembly QHCA

  • Spokes

  • Inner tubes

Small parts, essential for satisfactory folding

  • Handlebar Catch QHBCA

  • Hook QHOOKA

  • Lower stop disc QLSDA

  • Rear rollers

Parts that can probably be sourced locally

  • Rim tape

  • Chain

    • 8 speed for A Line / C Line / older bikes
    • 10 speed for T Line / P Line / C Line Electric 4/12 speed bikes 
  • Brake pads

  • Rear rack roller (you could use a skateboard / inline skate wheel)

  • Tyres (if carrying - we recommend a folding tyre such as the Continental Contact Urban - as it's light and folds up relatively small)