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Which Brompton wheel / hub do I have?

Quite a few of the Bompton spare parts require you to know which wheel or hub you have (spokes, sprocket sets for example)

Here will will try and help you to identify what you have

Front wheels

Brompton no longer supply hubs as spares for the front wheels - and the wheel itself is so reasonably priced that by the time ahub / wheel is rebuilt, its cheaper to buy a new wheel

There are four types of front wheel as at October 2018 - with a new front dynamo due soon:

Brompton standard front wheel

Identifying features:
It is held in place with normal wheel nuts
It is radially spoked - i.e. all the spokes come out directly from the hub without crossing another spoke at any point
It is available in silver or black (the black wheel still has a silver braking surface)

Brompton superlight / Extra light front wheel

Identifying features:
It is lighter than the standard front wheel - though you won't know unless you have both wheel types - so not much help in identifying

Rear wheels