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Which Brompton wheel / hub do I have?

Quite a few of the Bompton spare parts require you to know which wheel or hub you have (spokes, sprocket sets for example)

Here will will try and help you to identify what you have

Front wheels

Brompton no longer supply hubs as spares for the front wheels - and the wheel itself is so reasonably priced that by the time a hub / wheel is rebuilt, its cheaper to buy a new wheel (sorry!)

There are three types of front wheel as at the beginning of 2021

  • Brompton Standard Front Wheel - available in black or silver 
  • Superlight Front Wheel - available in black or silver
  • SP SV8 hub dynamo wheel - available in black or silver

Other previous wheels include (please let us know if we have missed one)

  • Brompton SON hub dynamo wheel
  • Brompton Shimano hub dynamo wheel - this was available in silver as standard and as an after-market wheel and in black just for BLACK / special edition bikes

Brompton standard front wheel

Identifying features:
It is held in place with normal wheel nuts
It is radially spoked - i.e. all the spokes come out directly from the hub without crossing another spoke at any point
It is available in silver or black (the black wheel still has a silver braking surface and silver nipples with the black spokes)

Brompton superlight / Extra light front wheel

Identifying features:
The super light front wheel is held in place with a bolt through Allen key rather than traditional wheel nuts
Older ones had a red colouring on part of the hub 

Spoke layout
These wheels are laced in a two cross pattern
Some older versions were radially laced - some wheels laced in this pattern developed cracks at the edge of the hub 

It is lighter than the standard front wheel - though you won't know unless you have both wheel types - so not much help in identifying

Brompton SP SV8 hub dynamo front wheel

Identifying features:
It uses a bolt through axle the same as the super light front wheel (these axles are interchangeable) - the bolt is black on black edition bikes and silver on standard bolts
The hub includes arrows showing the direction of rotation. The hub itself comes in silver or black to match the rim / bike (the hub is also available in red - though this is not sold by Brompton)
It uses a tab connector (interchangeable with the tab connector used on the Shimano hub dynamo system) to connect the hub to the wiring loom

Brompton SON hub dynamo front wheel

This wheel is very light - and the hub is very shiny
It uses two spade connectors to connect the hub to the wiring loom (cable)

Brompton SON hub dynamo`

Above is a picture of a SON hub dynamo fitted to a B75 (without the wiring loom connected)

Brompton Shimano hub dynamo front wheel

The wheel is held in place by a bolt through axle as with the super light front wheel

Rear wheels

As at the beginning of 2021 there are four rear wheels available

1 and 2 speed rear wheel

Brompton Sturmey Archer Standard Ratio rear wheel - BSR - 3 speed

Brompton Sturmey Archer Wide Ratio rear wheel - BWR - 6 speed

Previous wheels include

Brompton Sachs / SRAM 3 and 6 speed rear wheel

This wheel was an interim used by Brompton after Sturmey Archer went bust (before being resurrected!)

Unfortunately Sachs were taken over by SRAM who eventually closed down the whole hub gear operation - so spare parts are no longer available for these hubs

The easy identification is the word SACHS 3 speed stamped on the side of the hub - the number of gears could be 3 or 6 based on the driver (if it can take one or two sprockets)

Sachs hub showing SACHS marking

The following picture shows the top view - the identifying feature (comparing to the Sturmey Archer hubs) is the dimples

Sachs hub - top view

The below picture shows the driver side of the 6 speed hub - with the (now discontinued) sprockets removed

The sprocket stack on the SRAM / Sachs hub used a 3 spline sprocket - the current 13T sprocket on the Sturmey Archer hub will also work on the SACHS 3 or 6 speed (the 15 tooth SACHS sprocket is the one that is no longer available)

Sachs hub driver side view

Brompton Sturmey Archer AW rear wheel