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Service, Repair, Upgrades and Custom Build

Our tagline here at Brilliant Bikes is "Creating a better place ....."

That includes a better place for you to get your bicycle, whatever age, shape size or model (you or the bike) repaired, serviced or upgraded by our fully qualified mechanic in our fully tooled-up workshop.


Our general or bronze service price is £45 which includes checking the complete bike, lubricating and adjusting parts where necessary and advising before fixing / replacing anything which would incur extra costs (brake pads are a common example)

We offer a silver service which in addition means that we also degrease the drivetrain (chain, sprockets/cassette and crankset) - to ensure that this is done efficiently and in environmentally friendly way we have a special bath which does the degreasing. Our price for this service is just £75
(Don't worry when you come to pick it up - it is your original bike, we havent swapped it for a new one!) 

Brompton rider looking for a Brompton service - we charge the same for servicing a Brompton as for any other bike, and we keep all the spare parts and accessories for your Brompton in stock so you won't have to wait if something is required. We also offer a courtesy bike service (please give us prior notice) with a choice of M / S type handlebars, so you can keep up your normal commute while your Brompton is being pampered.

Just drop your bike in and we'll turn it around quickly to get you back out on the road


Puncture repairs can sometimes be done while you wait and take a coffee in Basil and Blue - the coffee shop next door (though this isn't always possible - sorry) at a charge of just £12 which includes a replacement inner tube.

We keep a large range of spare parts from Shimano / SRAM / Avid / Brompton and Hope to get your bike repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible. Campagnolo, Fox and RockShox can take a while longer as these parts are often ordered in specially.


Looking for new wheels, tyres, pedals, brakes, lights etc? We keep a large range in stock and can discuss what you would like to do to make your bike experience even better.

Custom Build

Looking for something special? We can build your frame up to your required specification. Come in and see us to discuss / work out your requirements.

We specialise in Hope components so can make it look bling as well as being bullet proof!