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  • Bearings


    Bearings are used to reduce the friction / wear between an object (such as a wheel) and the surface over which it moves (such as an axle)

    Quality bearings these days are sealed (they used to be loose or in a wire cage)

    If you would like to learn (a lot) more here is a really detailed explanation - please check out this learning pack from SKF - one of the leading manufacturers of bearings

    We sell bearings from Enduro / Hope and Intense
    (The Intense / Hope bearings are made by Enduro!)

    Unlike some other bearing manufacturers, Enduro bearings are not just ‘off the shelf’ Industrial bearings.

    Enduro bearings are tailor made specifically for the demands of cycling.

    Every aspect of an Enduro bearing is considered and specified to provide superior performance and value for each application, from the material of the races and the ball bearings, the types of seal and even the grease.

    Each of these considerations has a pronounced effect of the performance and longevity of the bearing.

    Enduro ABEC-3

    • Grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls
    • 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races
    • Riveted Steel Retainer for toughness, ABEC-3 tolerances and noise tested, C-3 or C-N Internal Clearance

    Enduro MAX

    • Maximum quantity of Grade 10 Chromium Steel Ball
    • 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races
    • LLU Seals: Two sealing lips on each seal, which ride in a matching groove on the inner race to make a labyrinth seal.

    Enduro ABEC-5

    • Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls
    • 52100 high Carbon Chromium Alloy Races - ABEC-5 standard
    • Graphite/Nylon Ball Retainers

    Ceramic Hybrid

    • Grade 5 Silicon Nitride (Si3n4) balls
    • ABEC-5 chromium steel races
    • LLB Seals

    Zero Ceramic

    • Grade 3, Silicon Nitride (Si3n4) Balls.
    • Races are treated with a black oxide coating then reground to a mirror finish. Finally, they are cryogenically treated for strength before assembly.
    • Silicone VV seals, which is the lightest drag seal available on the market.
  • Bottom brackets

    Quality bottom brackets from Brompton, Hope, Shimano and SRAM

  • Brakes

    Brakes and brake related equipment (pads / cables / tools)

  • Cables

    Cables are essential for controlling brakes and / or gears on your bike.

  • Chain tools

    Chain related tools. Chain checkers, chain tools for breaking / making chains, chain whips.

  • Chainrings

    Chainrings and complete chainsets

  • Chains

    Bicycle chains and chain spares / parts (such as links) from Brompton, KMC, Shimano and SRAM (previously known as Sachs)

  • E-Bike Cranks

    E-Bike cranks from Hope

  • Derailleurs


    Derailleurs are used to move the chain from one sprocket / cog to another

  • Derailleur Hangers

    Derailleur Hangers

    The derailleur hanger connects the rear derailleur to the frame of the bike

    They are designed to break with less force than would be required to break the frame!

    Brilliant Bikes keep rear derailleurs from Wheels Manufacturing - they are CNC machined in the USA and fit a wide range of bicycle manufacturers / models

  • Electronic components

    Electric bikes and components are here to stay

    This (as of 2019) is a new category for us where we will start to list the electronic components - such as Shimano Di2 and SRAM AXS

  • Frames and Forks

    Mountain bike frames from Intense and forks from RockShox (more and forks from Fox will be coming soon)

    Sorry, we no longer sell Brompton frame parts (main frame, handlebar stem, rear frame and forks) online, as Brompton have requested that these are now a dealer fit only item.

  • Headsets

    Bicycle headsets and headset spares

  • Handlebar Stems

    Handlebar Stems

  • Inner Tubes

    Bicycle inner tubes of quality are worth having!

    Inner tubes are available in three value types:

    • Presta / Racing
    • Schrader / Car / Auto
    • Woods / Dunlop (these are actually still the most popular worldwide, but not used much in the UK)

    Good quality air tight tubes have to be inflated less. This means you can get straight on with your ride, rather than messing around inflating the tyres before you can start. (or have an extra 10 minutes riding / in bed)

    Schwalbe tubes use the following prefix for different type of valve:

    AV = Auto Valve - The wider valve generally used on lower end bikes and on Brompton folding bikes - these are in a blue box
    SV = Sclaverand Valve - Referred to as a racing / presta valve in the UK - these tend to be used on higher end bikes where thinner / lighter wheels needed a narrower valve - these are in a red box
    DV = Dunlop valve - not so common now, as they are a bit more fiddly to look after - these are in an orange box and are becoming less available

    Presta valves come in different lengths (they may vary slightly by manufacturer):

    40mm - the normal / common presto valve length
    50mm - long length
    60mm - extra long length
    80mm - extra extra long length - for deep carbon rim wheels

  • Jockey Wheels

    Jockey Wheels

    Derailleur / Chain tensioner jockey wheels from Hope (for Shimano and SRAM derailleurs), and Brompton

  • Pedals

    Bicycle Pedals

    In our opinion, pedals are one of the most important parts on your bike (but often overlooked)

    Contact points

    In fact, pedals are just one of three contact points between you and your bike (along with the saddle and handlebars) - and if your standing, then make that just two!

    Pedals for all disciplines

    We keep a selection of pedals for road, mountain, leisure, kids and Brompton folding bikes in stock from Brompton, Hope, MKS, Shimano and crankbrothers

  • Saddles

    Bicycle saddles

    Saddles are an important part of your bike - not to be under-esitmated

    Just one of three contact points between you and the bike (along with pedals and handlebars)

    Brilliant Bikes mainly stock saddles from Brooks of England and Brompton - two classic British brands

    We can also get (at special request) saddles from Selle Italia and Selle Royal - and will shortly be carrying saddles from the ergonomically designed brand Ergon

  • Shocks

    Rear shocks

  • Sprockets / Cassettes

    Sprockets, cassettes and freewheels

    We keep a selection of sprockets / cassettes / freewheels from:

    • Brompton (of course)
    • Sturmey Archer
    • Shimano
    • SRAM
    • Hope
    • Campagnolo
    • Sunrise Sturmey Archer

    for use on:

    • Brompton folding bikes
    • Road bikes
    • Mountain bikes
    • Hybrid

    Cassettes have been in short supply over the last year or two (as at 2022) and this continues to be the case with some (for example the Shimano SLX 12 speed) not available until 2023

  • Wheels

    Wheels, including those for folding bicycles, spokes, dynamos, hubs and wheel accessories

  • Triggers / Shifters

    Gear triggers / shifters

  • Tyres

    Bike tyres

    Ever since Mr Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre, they have become an invaluable part of cycling life

    Here at Brilliant Bikes we stock quality bicycle tyres for all types of bikes from folding bike (especially Brompton), classic (such as Pashley), commuter, all mountain, cross country, downhill, road and cruiser.

    Selecting the correct tyre size for your bike

    Getting the right size tyre for your bike is important - though not always as simple as it seems

    To select the right size tyre, we suggest that you go by the ETRTO / ISO number (e.g. 37-349) which is printed on the side of the existing tyre - not by the size (e.g. 16 inch), as a description of 26 inch for example can refer to several different diameters.

    For a full, in depth explanation of tyre sizing, you could check out this web page .... The Sheldon Brown guide to tyre sizing

    If in doubt you could contact us here at Brilliant Bikes

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Showing 1 - 12 of 417 items