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Brompton chain 100 Links 3/32" with PowerLink



Brompton 100 link replacement chain for 2 or 6 speed Bromptons with 50T front chainring, or 3 speed with 13T rear sprocket and 54T front chainring.

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100 link Brompton chain

Brompton chain with 100 links (1/2" x 3/32") - and SRAM PowerLink

This chain fits a standard 6 speed Brompton (SRAM or Sturmey Archer BWR rear hub) - with 50T front chain ring - so standard gearing

This chain is for a 2 speed (12/16T with reduced gearing 50T front chain ring) or standard 6 speed (13/16T) Brompton bike (with a 50 tooth front chainring), or a 13T 3 speed with a 54 tooth front chainring.

Note: if your chainring is smaller you would need to remove links (e.g. if changed from 50 to 44 you would remove two links) - or purchase a QCHAIN098DR - 98 link chain

If your chainring is bigger your would need to add links (e.g. if changed from 50 to 54 teeth you would add two links - giving a chain length of 102 links) - or purchase a QCHAIN102DR - 102 link chain

Tools Required:

To remove your old chain and re-install this new one you may need a chain tool such as the CT-3 or CT-5 from Park Tool or a pair of master link pliers

Installing the new chain will be easier as it comes with a SRAM PowerLink

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100005
Brompton Q part code: QCHAIN100DR
Brompton part number: 9022045 

Brompton chain length summary

ChainringOne Rear SprocketTwo Rear Sprockets
54 tooth12 or 13t100 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t102 Links
50 tooth12t or 13t98 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t100 Links
44 tooth12t, 13t or 14t96 Links12/16t, 13/16t or 13/15t98 Links

We made this video on how to choose the right size chain, remove the existing chain and install a new chain on your Brompton folding bike

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  • Asked by Mike
    on 12/05/2019
    I have a 6 speed Brompton bike can I purchase spare chain power link connectors if so please adviseThanks Answer:
  • Asked by Ken Twydell
    on 11/10/2020
    I have to ask... Does someone actually do a hand drawn smiley face on every invoice? I assume that it is hand drain as the ink seems to have soaked through the paper although I guess that it could be done at the print stage. If so, clever! I thought that it was a really nice gesture however you achieve it. You deserve every success. Answer:
    Yes we do :), thank you

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