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Brompton brake pads and holders - by SwissStop



Brompton brake pads and holders (pair)

These pads will improve braking performance even on older style Brompton brake calipers.

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Brompton brake block/shoe (pair)

Brompton (with Swissstop BXP brake pad inserts) brake shoes and holders - pair

Suitable for standard and Electric Brompton folding bikes

Swissstop BXP pads are the latest aluminium rim compound. The non-sticky predictable linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions. We have foubnd that they also cause the least wear to rims - making the wheels last longer

Alternative 1:

Fibrax brake pads / holders (as previously used by Brompton)

Alternative 2:

SwissStop Flash Pro BXP (the same pads as used on Brompton Electric for extra stopping power - but with SwissStop instead of Brompton holders)

Note: This is a pair of the rubber brake pad insert plus the metal holder / brake shoe - if you already have the Fibrax brake cartridge holder, and are happy with the performance, then you can save yourself some money and just buy the new inserts here

(although these give even better performance!)

Technical note: These pads with holders can be fitted to older style single and dual pivot Brompton brakes and will improve performance.

These Brompton brake blocks are marked with arrows to show the direction they should be facing this is as you are sitting on the bike, to enable correct fitting.

There should be a 1.5mm space between the brake pad and the wheel rim.

Brake pad / holder history

2019 - New pads - these ones are also used on the Brompton Electric. Includes brake inserts which are SwissStop BXP (with a Brompton logo)

2018 (late) A shortage of availability led to the current / temporary? brake pads - with exchangeable brake blocks

2018 - A new one piece brake block with non-exchangeable pads was introduced (alongside the electric Brompton?)

2017-2018 - To match the black edition bikes and the new black brake calipers temporary black holders with exchangeable pads were used

2007-2017 - Fibrax brake pads and holders - with changeable cartridges were used. The holders were a bronze colour

Pre 2007 - chunky brake pads / holders with non-removable pads were used - the braking wasn't so good

Tools required:
5mm Allen Key for pad holder installation (fixing to calipers) - should be tightened to 6.8Nm

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100226
Brompton Q part code: QE-BRPADA
Brompton old Q part code: QBRPADA (pre-2019)
Brompton part number: 9017515
Brompton old part number: 9029273 (pre-2019)

Made in Taiwan (comm code 714999089)

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Anne Marie Carty
    on 16/06/2019
    How to fit Swiss Stop Brompton brake pads and holders Reference: QE-BRPADA Brompton part number: 9017515I'm replacing my very old Brompton brake pads, these come supplied with 2 x washers, but no instructions as to where the washers go. I assume one on each side of the caliper, but could you advise please? Thanks! Answer:
  • Asked by Geoff Riley
    on 05/11/2021
    Do I need to order 2 pairs for the from and back brake? Answer:
    Yes, they come as one pair, so if you need front and back you need to order two units
  • Asked by a guest
    on 22/02/2022
    Hello, thank you for showing the brake pads versions for each year sections. You have listed the brakes with 2020 part code and pre-2019 code. Are they all Swissstop after the 2017? thank you. Answer:
    No they are not all SwissStop, these were only used on the Brompton Electric. Brompton used their own sourced brakes on the Brompton manual, the SwissTop pads are the best replacement and are compatible with those.

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