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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 tyre with SmartGuard



With this Marathon Plus 16 inch tyre, punctures are a memory 

Our best selling after-market Brompton tyre


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16 inch Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre

The most puncture resistant tyre for your Brompton

When you are running your small wheel bike such as a Brompton with these 16 inch Marathon Plus tyres from Schwalbe, it is impossible to guarantee that you won't get a puncture, but the Marathon Plus does have the best defence against everyday tyre damaging objects such as glass, flints or metal shards.

Because we also hate getting punctures and fixing them - this is what we run on our own Bromptons! 

New! It's now so puncture rated - they have changed what we thought was an odd scale of 1 to 6 to 1 to 7, so the Marathon Plus can stand out!

Want more proof of the puncture protection see the below video or (if you can't see it) - check out this video from Schwalbe (click here)!

Do not use tyre levers when installing!

Tip: When installing the Marathon Plus 16 inch tyre (or any tyre really) - avoid the use of tyre levers (it's just technique to put on the tyre without them). Using tyre levers to install a tyre can damage the tyre, the tube or both.

We (and Schwalbe) do recommend that you use a pressure gauge to check / set tyre pressures as the common 'thumb check' is not enough normally due to the special construction of the Marathon Plus. (It feels like it's hard just because of the thickness of the tyre walls)

But it's impossible to install isn't it? NO!

The below video shows you the technique for installation of the tyre with no lever

This is the 2014 (and onwards) model of the Marathon Plus which has been further upgraded from previous versions - so that if it is run slightly flat (due to not noticing the lack of air), then the sidewall is less likely to crack (as would sometimes - though not often - happen with the older versions)

From a Brompton point of view, the Marathon Plus has more tread but is thinner than either the old standard (yellow label) or kevlar (green label) Brompton 16" x 1 3/8 " tyres for folding bikes, and is lined with SmartGuard rubber. (It is the same size as the current Marathon 16" tyre provided as a factory fit by Brompton)

The new generation Marathon plus tyre from Schwalbe gives the touring and recreational cyclist an opportunity to ride one of the lowest rolling resistance tyres for high mileage and optimum safety

At night the Marathon plus tyre also helps you be seen and stay safe - with the application of 3M Scotchlite reflective material along the sidewall, the tyre provides unparalleled safety at night making you more visible to other road traffic.

Note: If you are using the old Brompton tyre (bottle) dynamo which connects with the tyre, please use a standard brompton tyre rather than this one, as there is a slight size difference which will affect your dynamo's capability to function correctly. (i.e. it won't work properly!) 

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 / specification / features / details:

  • ETRO/ISO size: 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 inch
  • Tyre type: Wired
  • Inner tube: AV4 (Schrader / car type) or SV4 (Presta / racing type)
  • Tyre pressure: 65-110 psi / 4.5-7.5 bar
  • Weight: 480g / 17 oz
  • Manufacturer part number: 11100756
  • High quality tyre for touring and everyday use
  • Smart guard puncture protection 
  • Puncture protection rating 7/7
  • Endurance tread compound
  • E-bike ready (for electric bikes up to 50 km/h)

For a complete list of the Marathon Plus tyres we stock - click here

Old part number: 11109348

And .... just in case you want to know how to remove this heavy duty tyre - here's another short video we made:

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