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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 tyre with SmartGuard



With this Marathon Plus 16 inch tyre, punctures are a memory 

Our best selling after-market Brompton tyre


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16 inch Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre

The most puncture resistant tyre for your Brompton

When you are running your small wheel bike such as a Brompton with these 16 inch Marathon Plus tyres from Schwalbe, it is impossible to guarantee that you won't get a puncture, but the Marathon Plus does have the best defence against everyday tyre damaging objects such as glass, flints or metal shards.

Because we also hate getting punctures and fixing them - this is what we run on our own Bromptons! 

New! It's now so puncture rated - they have changed what we thought was an odd scale of 1 to 6 to 1 to 7, so the Marathon Plus can stand out!

Want more proof of the puncture protection see the below video or (if you can't see it) - check out this video from Schwalbe (click here)!

Do not use tyre levers when installing!

Tip: When installing the Marathon Plus 16 inch tyre (or any tyre really) - avoid the use of tyre levers (it's just technique to put on the tyre without them). Using tyre levers to install a tyre can damage the tyre, the tube or both.

We (and Schwalbe) do recommend that you use a pressure gauge to check / set tyre pressures as the common 'thumb check' is not enough normally due to the special construction of the Marathon Plus. (It feels like it's hard just because of the thickness of the tyre walls)

But it's impossible to install isn't it? NO!

The below video shows you the technique for installation of the tyre with no lever

This is the 2014 (and onwards) model of the Marathon Plus which has been further upgraded from previous versions - so that if it is run slightly flat (due to not noticing the lack of air), then the sidewall is less likely to crack (as would sometimes - though not often - happen with the older versions)

From a Brompton point of view, the Marathon Plus has more tread but is thinner than either the old standard (yellow label) or kevlar (green label) Brompton 16" x 1 3/8 " tyres for folding bikes, and is lined with SmartGuard rubber. (It is the same size as the current Marathon 16" tyre provided as a factory fit by Brompton)

The new generation Marathon plus tyre from Schwalbe gives the touring and recreational cyclist an opportunity to ride one of the lowest rolling resistance tyres for high mileage and optimum safety

At night the Marathon plus tyre also helps you be seen and stay safe - with the application of 3M Scotchlite reflective material along the sidewall, the tyre provides unparalleled safety at night making you more visible to other road traffic.

Note: If you are using the old Brompton tyre (bottle) dynamo which connects with the tyre, please use a standard brompton tyre rather than this one, as there is a slight size difference which will affect your dynamo's capability to function correctly. (i.e. it won't work properly!) 

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 / specification / features / details:

  • ETRO/ISO size: 35-349 / 16 x 1.35 inch
  • Tyre type: Wired
  • Inner tube: AV4 (Schrader / car type) or SV4 (Presta / racing type)
  • Tyre pressure: 65-110 psi / 4.5-7.5 bar
  • Weight: 480g / 17 oz
  • Manufacturer part number: 11100756
  • High quality tyre for touring and everyday use
  • Smart guard puncture protection 
  • Puncture protection rating 7/7
  • Endurance tread compound
  • E-bike ready (for electric bikes up to 50 km/h)

For a complete list of the Marathon Plus tyres we stock - click here

Old part number: 11109348

And .... just in case you want to know how to remove this heavy duty tyre - here's another short video we made:



Punctured !!!

I have used Schwalbe Marathon tyres before and it seemed a good idea to get the"plus" version for my Brompton. I found previously that they all eventually punctured in "old age". This supposedly tougher version , however, has punctured in less than 100 miles. These tyres unfortunately seem unable to withstand the needle sharp thorns in my area, although the front tyre did manage to pick up three thorns without puncturing. I may have to consider something like the Tannus "solid" tyres in future. Basically I'm rather disappointed with these (quite expensive)tyres.

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My first Schwalbe Plus tires

My first puncture was with the Schwalbe Marathon Racer. I went to my Brompton dealer where I bought the Marathon Originals. Nearly four months later another puncture, again to the side wall of the tire. Now I opted for the Schwalbe Marathon Plus thanks to Brilliant Bikes recommendation. After watching a number of their tutorials on YouTube I was able to fit the tire on with no issues. Hopefully this time this will last longer!
Thank you as always Brilliant Bikes! Super fast delivery, quality products, helpful and pleasant service, and wonderful value products! Your YouTube videos are amazing and set the bar for all Brompton owners!

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I pinched my inner tube when moving this tyre to a new wheel by being too aggressive with my tyre levers. I ordered a new inner tube and followed your helpful video on how to fit an inner tube properly, i.e. not using any tyre levers. I left the tyre (but not the wheel) out in the sum to warm up so it was more pliable and then managed to fit it (and of course the new inner tube) to the wheel using just my hands and a little bit of huffing and puffing. It is indeed a matter of technique and patience and definitely not about trying to crow-bar it on using tyre levers!


    Improvement disease

    "I think I will go back to the Brompton brand.....They really need to sort this out."

    But they won't because once a company gets infected with Improvement Disease they never recover from their arrogance.

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    FAR TOO HARD to get on and off

    Wonderful as they may be in other respects, these are VERY hard to get on and off. This makes them completely impractical for the average rider. Do NOT buy them if you just want something to get reliably from A to B without climbing Everest on route. In fact the on-off struggle resulted in my inner tube being irreparably ruined at the valve tube. Enjoy that "challenge" halfway through a marathon.
    Only buy tyres of the original 37x349 size, not this pseudo-"original" 35x 349 size. In addition the stiff sidewalls mean you have high rolling resistance (hard pedalling) compared to lighter designs.

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    No punctures or issues of any sort with various flavours of Swalbe Marathon for probably 15 years. Yes hard to fit, but is possible with no damage. Brompton should fit them as standard. With the paper thin std tyires, I got rear punctures so often.


      Secure and Puncture Proof

      Robust and I have used these for 5 years! No punctures until you get towards the end of their life! Easy to fit if you gently warm them! Overnight in the airing cupboard works for me! Longer lasting than a Snickers. Delivered promptly! I regard brilliantbikes as the best!


        Good tyre but think twice as they are a right pain to fit

        These are great tyres, but VERY DIFFICULT to fit.
        I have had a few of these, and the number of innertubes I've punctured with the tyre levers you would not believe.
        On this last occasion the rim of the tyre was damaged to the point I need a new one.
        I think I will go back to the Brompton brand. They may not last as long as the Schwalbe but a breeze to fit. They really need to sort this out.


          The lightest and fastest tyre*

          After suffering 4 punctures in as many months on the very light and fast Schwalbe Kojak tyres I decided to fit Marathon Plus. The only flat I've has since, almost 3 years on, was due to a faulty valve. This is after almost daily cycling through both urban (glass, metal shards etc.) and rural (hawthorns etc.) environments. *It could be argued that these tyres are the lightest and fastest available as I don't have to carry a pump, spare tubes or puncture repair kit for most journeys, thus saving weight, and I don't spend time at the side of the road mending punctures so saving time as well. I will be sticking with Marathon Plus tyres for the foreseeable future

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          Better than the norm

          Not quite bullet proof as some describe, I have less punctures, but still get them. I'd say 50% less.


            fingers crossed

            Having recently lost 2 tyres through punctures and a split side wall, I'm hoping for more success with these ones :) On the topic of fitting, I've always found putting the Brompton tyres on a right royal pain when it gets to the last bit.
            This time I followed and was pleasantly surprised it seemed easier, no need for tyre leavers, just putting on with the tube semi inflating then lots of working around the edged to presumably redistribute slack in the steel wire edge.


              Excellent and resilient tyre.

              Not only these tyres are as puncture proof as it gets but also they are very resilient and last much longer than the other options available so on the longer term I don't think they cost more than any other one.


                No punctures!

                Since buying my Brompton 8 years ago I realised quickly that the tyres on it (Brompton Green with Kevlar) weren't up to the task of Manchester's glass strewn streets. Moved to Marathon Plusses and never looked back. Now I get maybe one a year - round about when the tyre needs replacing anyway. Not had to do a roadside repair in years. Fabulous.


                  Seems to be very resilient

                  I've had these fitted for over a year now with no punctures (I'm reluctant to say that in case I tempt fate). They sometimes feel a bit slippery on the road but maybe that's just me. I'd definitely get the same tyres when they wear out because punctures are such a pain.


                    Bomb Proof

                    I totally love these tyres and always get them. Had a problem with one after a few months of use that I bought earlier this yr, Brilliant Bikes telephoned me and next day I got replacement tyre (on a Saturday EARLY morning no less) no questions asked.

                    Living up to their company name every damn time & I TOTALLY love the smiley faces on the receipts :)


                      big mistake

                      I was getting punctures and I would end up carrying. And so a brace of Marathon Pluses came into my life. Which were very heavy going and seemed a big mistake. But after a few miles they were fine and they have transformed my life. Now I'm happy and confident and the Marathon Pluses are a great chat up line when I pull up next to young ladies at the traffic lights ... I haven't seen it reported but I suspect they just need running in a bit and then they are just the same as standard tyres but without the punctures ....


                        Puncture free

                        Ride with confidence - you will not have to stop on the side to change the tyre.


                          Bullet proof for london

                          My old back tyre expired on the train to work! None in stock locally . Bb my on line locAl shop reliable fast.


                            Well worth the money.

                            Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres are somewhat more expensive than the Brompton Kevlar tyres, but well worth the money, since you can (almost) forget about punctures. The only drawback is that the rubber is much stiffer, than Bromptons, which make them difficult to put on. I find I have to warm them up (putting them in hot water), in order to get the last bit over the rim.

                            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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                            Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 tyre with SmartGuard

                            Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 tyre with SmartGuard

                            With this Marathon Plus 16 inch tyre, punctures are a memory 

                            Our best selling after-market Brompton tyre


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                            • Asked by Andrew Bakos
                              on 03/06/2019
                              Hi,I read that your Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 tyre with SmartGuard (aka: MARATHON PLUS HS 440) tire could officially handle 50km/h on e-bike on larger sizes.BUT my question would be: even though the 16" size does not have the certificate for such high speed (50 km/h), can it handle 35 km/h with e-bike based on your experience?Many Thanks for your help and soonest reply,Andrew Answer:
                              Hi We think it should be OK at this speed. Regards Brilliant Bikes

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