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Brompton inner tube 16 x 1 3/8 inch / 37-349 - Schrader valve



Brompton 16 inch inner tube

This standard Brompton inner tube with schrader valve fits the standard Brompton 16 x 1 3/8" tyre

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Brompton 16 inch Inner tube - by IMPAC

This 16 inch inner tube is supplied as shown - with no box - as supplied to us from Brompton

Since 2019 this has tube has been made for Brompton by IMPAC (a part of Schwalbe tyres) as shown in the lead picture

Note: From 2012 the Marathon supplied by Brompton and the Marathon Plus tyre are no longer 16 x 1 3/8 inches or 37-349, but 16 x 1.35 inches or 35-349 (slightly narrower). For the narrower tyres you should use the Schwalbe AV4 (which is suitable for both versions) or the QTUBXL (please see the accessories tab) - it will fit inside easier

Brompton / IMPAC 16 inch inner tube specification:

Inner tube weight: 97g (according to our Park Tool scales and with a sample size of 1)
Rim nut: NO
Valve cap: Black
Removeable valve core: No

In 2019 Brompton changed from a Kenda made tube to an IMPAC (a subsidiary of Schwalbe) made inner tube. The dimensions remain the same (the tube is slightly lighter than its predecessor)

From 2013-2019 this was a Kenda manufactured tube - this is still shown in some of the historical pictures

Valve type: Schrader / Car / Auto / American - 8mm diameter

Note: We suggest against using tyre levers when installing inner tubes and tyres to your Brompton. Although the tyre fitting may seem tricky, it's just technique to do it tool free - see the below videos for help. (Using tyre levers can often result in damage to the inner tube - pinching it when installing, or to the tyre bead, or both)

The below videos may be helpful in seeing the technique for installing your inner tube (and wheel removal / installation):

Brompton Rear wheel puncture repair

Brompton Front Wheel puncture repair

Brompton part number / part number history

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100048
Brompton Q part code: QTUB
Brompton part number: 9026012 

This inner tube fits ETRTO tyre size as shown below:
37-349 - 16 x 1 3/8 inch

Made for Brompton by IMPAC (a sister company to Schwalbe)
Previous version was made for Brompton by Kenda

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Comm Code40132000
Valve type:Schrader / car / auto