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Demo Bikes from Brompton and Intense

(And some demo Brooks saddles!)

We have a selection of demo bikes ready to try - sorry, these are by appointment only - after all, someone else may be out trying the bike at the time you turn up (we don't store them at the shop, but in a deep underground secure bunker - due to lack of space and having previously been ram-raided)

To arrange a demo - please contact us using this form or ring the shop on 0800 756 1284

Brompton Triptych

Demo Brompton folding bikes

We firmly believe in try before you buy - to make sure the Brompton is right for you and you choose the right model

Brompton C Line demo folding bikes

2022 C Line Urban Low

Fire Coral / Black colour with Continental tyres and Brooks Cambium C17 saddle

So you want to try the Continental Contact Urban tyres - developed specially for the Brompton by Continental - and now available as a factory fit option on the Brompton P Line?

This demo is designed for exactly that - Low (known as S-type) bars for that sporty ride to go with the sporty tyres

The Brooks Cambium C17 saddle also gives an alternative feel to the standard Brompton saddle

Brompton demo S6L Fire Coral with Brooks C17 saddle

Brompton C Line Mid Explore (previously M6L)

The classic M type Brompton with 6 gears and an extended length seatpost so you can compare standard / extended and telescopic to find which one is right for you - colour: Fire Coral and Black

Brompton M6L fire coral demo bike

Another classic M type 6 speed Brompton - with rack and Brompton battery lighting. Colour: Matcha Green / Black

Brompton M6R Matcha Green demo with battery lighting

Brompton C Line High Explore (previously H6L)

For a more upright / comfortable riding position
This one has a rack and dynamo lights

Brompton Demo H6L with rack and dynamo lighting

Brompton C Line Low Urban (previously S2L)

Designed for a sporty ride position with a lighter weight bike. Colour: House Red / Black

Brompton 2 speed low bar demo bike - house red and black

Brompton P Line demo folding bikes

Brompton P Line Urban Low

Lighter in weight than the C Line - with 4 derailleur gears. This one has an advanced rack fitted and a telescopic seat post so it should fit riders of all heights

Brompton P Line demo bike - 4 speed midnight black

Brompton C Line Electric demo folding bikes

Brompton Electric C Line Explore Mid

Turkish Green  - the equivalent to a M6L - six speed with mid rise handlebars

Brompton Electric 6 speed demo bike - Turkish Green

Brompton Electric M2L - Mid Urban

Bolt Blue - so you can test the difference between 6 and 2 speed electric Brompton for yourself as well as seeing the beautiful Bolt Blue lacquer finish

Fitted with Marathon Racer tan wall tyres

Brompton Electric 2 speed demo bike - Bolt Blue

Brompton P Line Electric demo folding bikes

Brompton Electric 4 speed with classic handlebars - Storm Grey

Brompton P Line Electric demo bike - 4 speed - mid rise bars

Brompton courtesy folding bikes

If your bike's being repaired / serviced and you need to borrow one - then we have these available (by prior appointment)

Brompton Electric M6L - Mid Explore in new money

Black - six gears and effortless fun!

Brompton Electric courtesy bike

Intense Logo

Intense demo mountain bikes:

We're happy that we now have these to demo again (we love them) - if you bump into us racing (well riding) the BC Bike race on the west coast of Canada, riding the French Alps or just relaxing around the Surrey Hills we are going to be on one of these bikes

If you don't know the area - we can take you out and show you some trails

Note: we need you to book in advance so we can remove them from their secure military underground bunker (we don't have space to keep them in the shop), prepare them to ride - please email / call to find out more

Below is a list of the Intense demo bikes we currently have: 

Intense Sniper T

Cross country / Down Country / Trail full-suspension mountain bike with 120mm of travel front and rear - e-mail / call to arrange a demo!

Demo sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large 

Intense Sniper T

The above is an artists impression (it won't be this pristine) of our Intense Sniper T - XC demo bike

Intense Primer Expert

Trail full-suspension bike with 150 (rear) and 140 (front) mm of travel

Demo sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large 

Intense Primer Expert

The above is an artists impression (it won't be this pristine) of our Intense Primer Expert demo bike - please e-mail / call to arrange a demo

Intense Tracer 275 Expert - Medium

Demo sizes available: 

  • Medium

Intense Tracer Expert - white

The above is an artists impression of our Intense Tracer Expert Enduro demo bike - please e-mail / call to arrange a demo

Intense Tazer Carbon Expert - Small/Medium - now for sale

Intense Taser demo - for sale

The above is an artists / CAD impression of our Intense Tazer Electric demo bike - e-mail / call to arrange a demo

Intense Tazer S 

Demo size available:

  • Small/Medium (the Intense Tazer Carbon comes in a choice of Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large)

Intense Taser S demo electric MTB

The above picture shows the stock photo of the Intense Tazer S

Intense Tazer Alloy Pro

Demo sizes available:

  • Medium

Intense Tazer Pro Demo Bike

The above picture shows the stock photo of the Intense Tazer Alloy Pro