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Demo Bikes from Brompton / Intense and Riese and Muller

(And some demo Brooks saddles!)

We have a selection of demo bikes ready to try - sorry, these are by appointment only - after all, someone else may be out trying the bike at the time you turn up (we don't store them at the shop due to lack of space)

To arrange a demo - please contact us using this form or ring the shop

Brompton folding bikes

  • Brompton S2L - no mudguards, no rack, Schwalbe Kojak tyres - perfect for racing!
  • Brompton M6L - the classic M type Brompton with 6 gears and a telescopic seatpost so it will fit even the tallest rider
  • Brompton H6L - for a more upright / comfortable riding position

Brompton Electric folding bikes

  • Brompton Electric M6L - Black - six gears and effortless fun!
  • Brompton Electric M2L - Bolt Blue - so you can test the difference between 6 and 2 speed electric Brompton for yourself as well as seeing the beautiful Bolt Blue lacquer finish

Intense demo bikes:

We're happy that we now have  couple of these to demo again - we need you to book in advance so we can remove them from their secure military underground bunker (we don't have space to keep them in the shop), prepare them to ride - please email / call to find out more

  • Intense Tazer Pro Build - size: Medium - electric MTB with 29in front and 27.5+ rear wheel setup - email / call us to arrange a demo!
  • Intense Sniper T - size: Medium - cross country trail bike - call to arrange a demo!
  • Intense Primer - size: Medium - Trail full-sun bike with 150 (rear) and 140 (front) mm of travel

Intense Tower Pro - demo
Above shows the Intense Tazer demo - in reality it will probably be slightly dirtier than this!

Intense Sniper T

The above is an artists impression (it won't be this pristine) of our Intense Sniper T - XC demo bike

Riese and Muller demo bikes:

We have the following:

  • Birdy Nexus folding bike
  • Birdy Rolhoff folding bike
  • Load 75 cargo bike - belt drive - electric Bosch motor
  • Packster 40 cargo bike with child seats