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SwissStop Flash Pro BXP road brake pads 2 pairs (4 pads)



Two pairs (4 pads in total) pack of SwissStop Flash Pro BXP road brake pads

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SwissStop Flash Pro BXP pad inserts - 2 pairs

Dear Brompton rider,

These make a great upgrade to Brompton folding bikes for increased stopping power and less rim wear!

As used as standard on the Brompton Electric - for the extra braking performance required with an electric bike

Note: if you have an early 2018 model Brompton with the grey/black one-piece brake blocks then you will need to change the pads and holders

These SwissStop Flash Pro road brake pad inserts with BXP compound are designed to give high performance braking while giving low rim wear.

Excellent in the dry an unbeatable in the rain.

Why SwissStop? Well, because they give top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet with a complete absence of abrasive materials which can damage rims. They are designed to give consistent braking regardless of temperature (-20C to +40C) and silent operation

A pair of these BXP brake pads including the screws weigh in at 10g

The SwissStop BXP pads are the latest aluminium rim compound. Non sticky predictible linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions.

What's in the pack?

  • 2 pairs of pads - so 4 pads in total - enough for both the front and rear wheel
  • 2 pairs of replacement securing screws
  • SwissStop sticker - so you can show your love!


The Swisstop range of Flash Pro pads are compatible with the following brake systems:

  • Shimano Dura Ace
  • Shimano Ultegra
  • Shimano 105
  • SRAM
  • Brompton Fibrax calipers
  • Brompton 2 piece black calipers

Note: These pads are not compatible with Mavic Exalith 2 wheels

If you are not sure about your compatibility - get in touch at the contact us page

About the SwissStop BXP compound:

CharacteristicsHigh performance compound for alloy wheels. Improved power and modulation with excellent wet weather stopping power.

Performance (out of 10 - 1 = worst, 10 = best):

  • Stopping power: 9
  • Longevity: 8
  • Modulation: 8

Bedding in your new brake pads:

On a gradual downhill slope, drag each brake lightly for 20-30 seconds, alternating between front and rear.

Repeat 2-3 times.Use caution and very light force when using front brake only.

Keep your weight over the rear wheel.

For best results, bed in new pads in dry conditions.

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Guy Boyce Cam
    on 28/12/2018
    Are these Swisstop brake pads compatible with Brompton brakes? Many thanks Answer:
    If you have the Fibrax or current black cartridge brakes (as opposed to the two tone one-piece brakes that were used for a short time in 2018) then yes, these will fit your Brompton
  • Asked by Carlos
    on 12/11/2020
    Hi there are these pads suitable for Brompton electric bike??. I got brompton brake pads and holders. I bought from your shop Thanks Regards Carlos Answer:
    These are the exact pads that come as standard with the Brompton Electric (except they don't have the Brompton logo on them)
  • Asked by Joe
    on 09/01/2021
    Hi, May I know if these fits on stock Brompton brake holders? Or must I purchase the Swiss stop brake pads and holders? Thank you. Answer:
    Yes, these will fit our Brompton Brakes, these are what is used on the Brompton Electric.
  • Asked by Borja
    on 22/11/2022
    Will they fit in a 2022 Brompton C line? Answer:
    Yes these will be perfect for tour Brompton
  • Asked by Ben
    on 21/01/2023
    Hi will these fit a Brompton M6L purchases in 2020? Thanks Answer:
    Yes these are perfect and will provide better stopping power and help to reduce rim wear

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