Accessories, bits and pieces for your bike - to make your cycling life even better. If we are honest, these are items which don't fit into one of our main categories.

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  • Bottle holders

    Water bottle holders - these usually mount to the frame using two allen bolts

  • Bike racks

    Bike racks - carry your bike to your chosen ride destination.

    Going on holiday, to an event or just meeting up with friends somewhere you need to drive to? Carry your bike to your destination without having the hassle of disassembling and putting back together to fit in the car with one of these bike racks.

  • Books / DVDs

    We have always found that learning is great fun. If you have to do it on your own, then what better way than reading a book or watching a DVD?

  • Child Seats

    Child Seats

  • Computers/GPS

    Bicycle computers and GPS systems from Cateye and Garmin

  • Cleaning

    Products for cleaning your bike. Keeping your bicycle clean prevents wear and tear - saving you money in the long term

  • Handlebar Grips

    Handlebar grips

  • Handlebar Tape

    Handlebar tape

  • Handlebars


  • Headset Accessories

    Headset accessories, spacers and spare parts

  • Hydration packs

    Hydration packs from Camelbak

  • Lights

    Stay alive, see, be seen and please, be safe!

    We live in the UK - in autumn, winter and early spring - we need lights to be seen and to see where we are going!

    Here is our selection of lights (front, rear and sets)

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    Most the lights we sell use LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) as the light source - which give greater battery life than traditional bulbs

    We also prefer rechargeable lights over those using replaceable batteries

    What we don't sell are poor quality lights (we think - but if you know different, please leave your own review on any of our lights - we would appreciate that, to help us, and others evaluate better)

  • Locks / Security

    Reduce stress - if your bike is any good then it will have cost you some money. Lock your bike and improve the chances that it stays in your possession, or mark it to make it less appetising to steal.

  • Lubrication


  • Luggage

    A collection of bags and hardware to help you transport stuff on your bicycle - or to transport the bike itself.

  • Quick release

    Quick release

  • Mudguards

    Dirt in your face / up your back? Getting fed up with it? Maybe our selection of mudguards can help!

  • Seat clamps

    See our range of seat post clamps from Hope - designed and manufactured in the UK.

    Available as quick release, dropper post (such as Reverb) and bolt through options, in a choice of colours (black, red, purple, silver, blue and gunsmoke) to complement your bike.

  • Storage

    Accessories for storing your bike

  • Trainers

    Trainers - allowing you to get out and ride - without the getting out part!

  • Trailers

    Sometimes you need to use your car to transport the the bike, rather than the bike to transport you, or the bike is not enough. Or you have too much for a backpack / panniers, so need a trailer.

  • Water bottles

    Water bottles

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Showing 37 - 48 of 94 items
Showing 37 - 48 of 94 items