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Brompton transit bicycle cover



Brompton cover - allows you to cover your bike for storage or as required by some public transport companies

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Brompton bicycle cover

Newsflash! - New version for 2018: The zip up Brompton cover is easy to fit to either seatpost or handlebars using our favourite material - velcro

It works like a pac-a-mac - the cover folds into itself for storage while riding

Unfold from the self contained pouch to cover the bike - useful for public transport carriers who require that bikes are covered or just to make it look neater (camouflaged?) when stored in an office for example

It can be partially unzipped so that the saddle is accessible for carrying the bike while the rest is still covered - maybe

The cover bag attaches to the saddle bag hooks on the back of a Brompton or Brooks saddle or to the handlebars

A bag such as this is essential if travelling by Eurostar and using the Brompton to / from the train - as to carry your Brompton on board it must be inside a bag (and it's not so easy to ride around with a B bag) - it's one of our must have Brompton accessories (we always take one when travelling)

Brompton covers by weight

This Brompton cover and saddlebag cover is the lightest of the five Brompton carrying bags / boxes that we stock - they are listed below in weight order:

  • Brompton saddle bag / cover - this one - lightest at approx 230g (the previous version was approx 300g)
  • B&W folding bike bag
  • Brompton B bag
  • Polaris B Pod - approx 6kg
  • B&W folding bike box - approx 11kg - heaviest

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100011
Brompton Q part code: QCOV[2]
Replaces old Brompton Q part code: QCOV
Brompton part number: 9019861
Replaces old Brompton part number: 9030286 (Oct 2018)

Want to see a bit more about the cover - check out this video

What's the difference from the old cover?

The old (pre-2018) was a cover / saddle bag also quick and easy to fit and remove - but only to the saddle, with a velcro strap fixing around the seat post to stop it swaying too much whilst riding. This velcro strap had a habit of stopping the seatpost going down properly.

The old version also was two seperate parts - the cover and the pouch for the cover - with some spare space for storing an inner tube (or two) and an energy bar

If touring you could leave the whole cover in a hotel and stuff the pouch full for a days supplies - including a thin waterproof jacket - this isn't possible with the new one

Brompton handlebar type compatibility:

Brompton cover and saddle bag handlebar compatibility - all types

Washing instructions:

Hand wash with a mild detergent
Do not machine wash
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean

Brompton luggage by range:

For 2020 Brompton have split the core luggage into 3 ranges:

  • Transit - luggage for carrying your Brompton (this Brompton cover fits into that range)
  • Metro - for city / commute use - slightly smarter looking
  • Borough - for use when traveling / shopping, also suitable for work, though designed more for function over form



2018 version to Small

Bought this product for my new 2018 Brompton S, the New Brompton bicycle cover 2018 version much to small, could not get the Brompton to fit inside.

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Great Kit, Great Service

The cover was exactly as described in the website and does the job nicely.

It was despatched super quick by Brilliant Bikes and delivered to me in double quick time.

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Cover great, bag not so

The cover is thick, good quality and seems to work well. The "saddlebag" is poor to be kind. I have tried it on my Brooks were it uses quick release straps through the loops and a velcro strap round the seat post. It hangs there limply and off centre as if it was made for something else and is being used for this because it kind of works, which it does but inadequately. It is semi-elasticated at the top without a flap and just gapes open so I suspect it will fill with water and be tempting to wandering hands. I have thrown it away and put the cover (disappointedly) in my rucksack.

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Better than expected!

Eventually treated my Brompton to this. The material is heavier than expected. I thought it would be a standard ripstop fabric as used in tent manufacture, but it seems to lie between that and rucksack cordura. Much tougher and should last for years. Definitely recommended!

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Brompton cover with Saddle bag

Does the job perfect used on trains, buses also good for storage ps till I found out bought a stolen bike from eBay

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Really useful product

Bought the cover to travel on Eurostar (compulsory nowadays). Cover very robust and easy to slip over bike. A good fit. When cover not needed the saddle bag came in handy for carrying water and a few tools and even a paperback. Excellent product which was delivered promptly by Brilliant Bikes by post.

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Brompton transit bicycle cover

Brompton transit bicycle cover

Brompton cover - allows you to cover your bike for storage or as required by some public transport companies

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Elizabeth Bates
    on 11/12/2018
    Do you have the dimensions for the Brompton Bike cover ref QCV02. Mine has an extended seat post and not sure it will fit. What is your returns policy.?Thanks Answer:
    Hello - the cover should fit a bike with extended (and telescopic) seatpost (it fits on our demo bikes). Our returns policy is simple - if you are not happy with the cover just return it to us
  • Asked by Glen
    on 29/01/2019
    Hi. Is the cover machine washable? Answer:
    Hi, the cover should be hand washed using a mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.
  • Asked by Jan
    on 20/03/2019
    Your latest review here says the new Brompton bicycle cover is too small. Is this correct? I have an M6R. Answer:
    Hi - the cover has fitted our bikes OK - including the ones with telescopic seatpost - so we dont think that it is too small
  • Asked by niels
    on 31/03/2019
    Hello, do you only have the new version of the bike cover or do you have also an older example in stock? Thanks for an answer and greetings niels Answer:
    We have an older example for display purposes only - we use it on our bikes. We have sold out of the older version.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 07/08/2019
    Does the zip go fully round? Can you store the bike with the bag 'inverted' (so putting the bike into the opening)? Answer:
    The bottom of the bike is not covered - we created this video to try and show the features:
  • Asked by a guest
    on 15/09/2019
    Is the cover waterproof i.e. could you leave the Brompton outside on a balcony over winter with this covering it to keep it dry? Answer:
    I would say it wasn't that waterproof, it's more to keep the bike covered so it's protected from scratches / view / shedding dirt when indoors / travelling.
  • Asked by FRANK MAGUIRE
    on 13/09/2021
    Have you got an old version Brompton bike cover and bag Answer:
    So sorry, we don't have any of the old covered left in stock

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Comm Code42021110
Handlebar Type:All
Luggage typeSaddle bag