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Hope - bicycle components designed, manufactured and tested in the UK

Hope design, test and manufacture their high quality bicycle components in Barnoldswick, England, United Kingdom.

So if like us, you ride in the typical changeable muddy / wet / damp / dusty / sandy UK conditions, then you know their stuff will work for you like it does for them and for us.

Currently we keep in stock a range of wheels, handlebar grips, disc brakes, disc brake mounts and rotors, heatsets, bottom brackets, handlebar stems and finishing kit such as grip doctors and headset spacers.

So if you just want to upgrade the componentry or add some colour to your bike - then we have the Hope equipment to help you do it.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic - some items are now on a longer lead time (if we don't have them in stock - though we try ad keep most items in stock)

These are the current Hope lead times as at 20th Oct 2021 - lead times are getting better

  • Brakes - 12 weeks (mid-Jan 2022) - down from 14 weeks on 10th Oct

  • RX4+ Calipers - 5 weeks - up from 3 weeks on 10th Oct

  • Cranks - These remain at 2weeks

  • F20 pedals - 5 weeks - up from 4 weeks

  • Union pedals- 12 weeks - up from 11 weeks

  • Hubs - 5 weeks - down from 6 weeks

  • Disc rotors - 5 weeks down from 6 weeks

  • Lights - These remain unchanged at 3 weeks

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Showing 1 - 12 of 613 items