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Shimano G05A-RX resin disc brake pads for BR-M985



Shimano G05A resin disc brake pads for BR-M985

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Shimano G05A RX resin disc brake pads for BR-M985

These Shimano G05A RX resin disc brake pads (with spring and split pin) are for use where your pads are marked with the following:

  • G05A
  • G03A
  • G02A
  • G03S
  • J03A
  • J02A
  • J04C

and are compatible with the following disc brake systems.

  • XTR BR-M9000,BR-M9020,BR-M987,BR-M988,BR-M985
  • XT BR-M8100,BR-M8000,BR-M785
  • SLX BR-M7100,BR-M675,BR-M666
  • DEORE BR-M615
  • ALFINE BR-S700
  • BR-RS785
  • BR-R785

The pack contains:

  • 2 x pads (one pair)
  • 1 x spring (this is marked L on one side and R on the other)
  • 1 x split pin

Note: This brake system is designed so that as the brake pads become worn, the pistons gradually move outward to automatically adjust the clearance between the rotor and the brake pads. Therefore, you need to push the pistons back to their original positions when replacing the brake pads

If oil sticks to the brake pads after oil is added, or if the brake pads are worn down to a thickness of 0.5 mm, or if the brake pad presser springs are interfering with the rotor, replace the brake pads

In 2022 the G03A pads were replaced with these G05A RX resin pads. Shimano updated the resin friction material for a smooth, consistent and quiet braking over the previous model, they also are meant to wear 40% better 

Repackaged for 2022 with less plastic - the instructions are on the inside of the box

Made in Malaysia

Shimano part code: Y8LV98010

These pads replace G01A,G02A and G03A

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Shimano MBR-M985 manual

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