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Inner tube 27.5 inch / 29er / 28 x 1 1/2 inch from Schwalbe - presta valve - SV19



Inner tube for 27.5, 28 and 29inch MTB tyres as well as wide (38-42mm diameter) 700c tyres with Presta valve from Schwalbe

Schwalbe code: SV19

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27.5 / 28 / 29 inch Schwalbe inner tube - presta valve

This inner tube is for you if you are looking for an inner tube for your 27.5 inch / 650B mountain bike, 29er (actually 28 inch) mountain bike or a 700c tyre with wide diameter

If you are not running tubeless, or you want a tube to carry just in case, and you have a modern 27.5 / 29 inch mountain bike - then this is almost certainly the tube you are looking for!

The sure fire way to tell you are chosing the correct size is to look on the sidewall of your tyre (it will have a code xx-yyy, the ETRTO size) and compare it to the list below:

This inner tube fits ETRTO tyre sizes as shown below:

40-622 - 28 x 1.50 inches - 700 x 38c
42-622 - 28 x 1.60 inches - 700 x 40c
47-622 - 28 x 1.75 inches - 700 x 45c
50-622 - 28 x 2.00 inches
60-622 - 28 x 2.35 inches
40-635 - 28 x 1 1/2 inches - 700 x 38b
50-584 - 27.5 x 2 inches - 650B
60-584 - 27.5 x 2.35 inches - 650B 

Weight: 220g
Valve type: Presta / racing 6mm with rim nut and valve cap 
Valve length: 40mm

Why choose this inner tube and not something cheaper from another manufacturer?

Because not all inner tubes are the same - you can feel the thickness and quality in the Schwalbe tube.

Schwalbe test all tubes (twice), including inflation for 24 hours to ensure they don't lose air pressure. 

Better retention of air means less time inflating and more time for you, whether it's riding, in bed before work or at the office.

Made with 100% recyclable rubber
Made in Vietnam

Manufacturers code (Schwalbe): SV19

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by david
    on 31/03/2021
    is the presta valve core removeable? Fit 28 inch 700C wheel ?l Answer:
    Yes the valve core is removable with the use of a valve core tool. I think this is not the correct inner tube for you, can you let us know the ETRTO number on your tyre wall, then we can confirm the inner tube you need
  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/04/2021
    The tyre is marked 40-622 & 700x38Cdavid Answer:
    Many thanks, assuming you have a presta you will need a SV17 ( if you have a schrader you will need an AV 17 (
  • Asked by Sean Tracey
    on 13/09/2021
    Hi, will this inner tube fit a 28 x 2.15 tyre? Answer:
    Could you message us the ETRTO number from the side of the tyre wall so we can be certain
  • Asked by Sean Tracey
    on 14/09/2021
    Hi, the ETRTO number on the tyre says 55-622.Thanks Sean Answer:
    The SV19 will fit the ETRTO of 55-622

Data sheet

Comm Code40132000
Rim nut:Yes
Valve type:Presta / Racing