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Rear light / reflector - 2C Permanent USB rechargeable by busch + müller


Busch + Muller

Bush + Müller 2C Permanent USB rechargeable rear light - attaches to rear carrier / Brompton bracket

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Bush + Müller 2C permanent - rear light / reflector - USB rechargeable

The snappily named 2C permanent is quite an unusual light (to us) - it is a bracket mounted rear light with built in reflector, which is powered by USB instead of replaceable batteries

It's our go-to rear Brompton light and we like the fact it's rechargeable rather than using those old fashioned batteries!

We think it's called permanent as it mounts to the bike (rack or Brompton bracket) using two screws - -then the light itself snaps out of the mounting for recharging

Built in Z reflector for safety when the light is off / has no power / to comply with the highway code

It has a bracket which fits permanently to the rack (or Brompton reflector bracket) and can connect using 50mm or 80mm widths (Brompton uses 50mm)

Patented lens system creates two wide light areas from two high output LEDs

Power lasts for approx 15 hours at full power - as the power (from the lithium battery) starts to reduce, the light gradually dims

There is a battery power indicator on the light - when the light shows yellow, please charge

The battery charge indicator also shows the charging state - yellow means it is charging, off means it is fully charged

The light is removed from the bracket to charge (this allows access to the USB socket located on the back of the light)


On (steady)
It does have a built in reflector too

The pack contains:

Bracket to connect to rack - with 50/80mm option (easy change)
Rear reflector / light which easily clips into bracket
Nuts and washers (for securing to brackets/rack)
USB charging cable
Fitting instructions

b + m part number: 326US

Made in Germany
Approved for German road traffic regulations

Note: Packaging could change

Installation instructions

Simply mount to a 50mm (as used on Brompton) or 80mm bracket using the nuts and washers provided

We made this short video on mounting the 2C permanent light to a Brompton folding bike

Comparison to the Brompton Spanninga Solo battery powered light



Good light but has a fault

This is a really nice usb chargeable rear light that fits Bromptons and other pannier racks. Mounted on a Brompton it just clears the ground when the bike is in the folded position. The light is bright and the reflector is large. There is however a major design fault - the micro usb port has no cover at all and you can see into the internal part of the light through it. All other lights, Garmins etc have a rubber or plastic cover over the usb port so I'm guessing it will not like rain or dirt in there. I cant believe this was overlooked during the design of the light! I have put black PvC insulating tape over it which seems to work but makes it a tighter fit into the mounting bracket.

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Brilliant USB rechargeable light

A brilliant light that you fit in place of the rear reflector (it has an inbuilt reflector) above the rear brakes or on the rack (if fitted). Nice and bright even in daylight and dead easy to charge as the light unit simply pops out of the mounting - but no danger of it doing that when riding as it is very firmly held in place. Obviously time between charges is entirely dependent upon use but I would say the stated 15 your run time is accurate.

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Rear light / reflector - 2C Permanent USB rechargeable by busch + müller

Rear light / reflector - 2C Permanent USB rechargeable by busch + müller

Bush + Müller 2C Permanent USB rechargeable rear light - attaches to rear carrier / Brompton bracket

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Nigel Kellett
    on 02/01/2019
    Perhaps a bit of a silly question to ask those selling an item, but, either through test/use experience or just a feel for it, do you think that the B+M 2C USB Bracket is up to the rigours of the Brompton ride? I can imagine that there's a lot of harsh rattling, submitting quite a battering, back there, resulting in the lamp desperately clinging on for dear life! Thank you for your comments. Answer:
    I have two fitted to my bike - they seem really robust so far (after approx 2-3 months since it started getting dark). It also travelled in the back of a car to the Alps, in and out of the car and a ride along the Somme river and around cobbled streets in Dijon
  • Asked by Mike Wingate
    on 13/01/2019
    Any indication of the power of the light please. In lumins? Answer:
  • Asked by Philip LUXFORD
    on 20/01/2019
    What lumen output is this lamp Answer:
  • Asked by Chander
    on 04/09/2019
    Hi My Brompton from 2006 has a rear reflector bracket with two vertical holes, not the 50mm horizontal style. If I buy the 2C light can you throw in a suitable bracket to allow me to fit it? Cheers Answer:
    Sure - please put a comment on the order, and let us know if you have a rack or not

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Data sheet

Comm CodeGermany
Supplier Reference:326US
PowerUSB Rechargeable