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Brompton derailleur chain tensioner idler set



Brompton derailleur chain tensioner idler (jockey wheel) bearings / fixings set - pair - QCTIDLDRSET

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Brompton derailleur wheels

The jockey wheels on the chain tensioner are made of a durable nylon material

Over time these will wear and could help cause the chain to slip when under load

It is common to replace the complete chain tensioner assembly - but it's possible to replace just the jockey wheels and associated components to save some money

This derailleur jockey wheel pack consists of the following items:
Pair of jockey wheels (idlers) for derailleur (2 or 6 speed) Brompton chain tensioners - 10 tooth
Bearings (pair - approx 19mm long with a diameter of 6mm
Fixing nut (approx 30mm long) and bolt (pair)
Washer (pair)
Dust cap (pair)

It allows you to replace just the worn jockey wheels on a Brompton chain tensioner 

Tip: to keep your jockey wheels lasting longer (this applies to all drive chain components) - keep them clean from dirt / too much oil as this will cause them to wear quicker

Tools required:
2.5mm allen key / hex wrench
10mm spanner
small flat head / blade screwdriver

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101511
Brompton Q part code: QCTIDLDRSET
Brompton part number: 9023097  


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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Steve
    on 17/04/2019
    HiWhilst you recommend it over-piling jockey wheels, presumably some oil is recommended?And if so, what would you recommend in the way of lubrication, and how much?Thanks Answer:
    Sorry - we don't understand your question - please could you elaborate?
  • Asked by Steve
    on 01/05/2019
    Sorry, bad spelling mistakes. What it should have said is: Whilst you recommend not over-oiling jockey wheels, presumably some oil is recommended? And if so, what would you recommend in the way of lubrication, and how much? Thanks Answer:
    The screw that runs through the washer should be lightly greased - no oil is strictly necessary to help the plastic glide over the metal - though a light oil can help lubricate but could just attract more dirt. Check out the data sheet on the product page
  • Asked by Steve
    on 02/05/2019
    Thank you for reply! Answer:
    You are welcome :-)
  • Asked by a guest
    on 26/06/2019
    Hi Support, on my brompton I lost one of the chain tensioner , tensioner arm is ok but now one tensioner wrnech is missing. My bromton has BS:6102-1:1992 EN:14764:2005 serial number:375696.Please let me know does this set fits my bike serial number ! Thank you Answer:

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