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Brompton suspension block - inc. bolt and disc



Brompton standard suspension block assembly - including bolt and disc

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Brompton suspension block - complete with fixings

This is the complete Brompton suspension block assembly complete with bolt and fittings

Until 2017 there were two levels - standard and firm - which one was used was based upon rider weight and prefered riding style. Now there is only one.

Suspension is important on small wheeled bikes such as the Brompton.

The suspension on a Brompton is provided by a polyurethane block mounted between the main and rear frames.

Lightweight and effective, it smooths out the lumps and bumps and helps to avoid excessive bounce.

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q102078
Brompton Q part code: QSUSPBA
Brompton part number: 9040117

Tip: To stop the suspension block creaking/squeaking when you ride - put a good quality grease on the bolt which runs through the middle

To help explain the different suspension block types - we made this short video explaining them and how to install it

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Richard Chew
    on 15/08/2019
    Hi, how much does the new block weigh please? Rich Answer:
    The new block weighs 59 grams
  • Asked by paul
    on 05/02/2021
    want to change the suspension block on my 15 year old brommie I weigh 100 kilos ! which one please. Answer:
    This one will work fine, there is currently only on option supplied by Brompton.
  • Asked by Simon Foster
    on 22/04/2021
    Suspension Block. In your award winning video there is a degree of movement once the rear frame is locked in the main frame. I’ve noticed a rattle occasionally on rough road surfaces and wonder if the block needs replacing? How do you tell? The Brompton is 2019 and I am a sylph like 90kgs. Best regards Answer:
    Thanks for watching! A rattle is unlikely to mean the suspension block needs replacing. We would generally replace it if it does not return to the normal shape when not being riden



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