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Brompton Tool Kit



Brompton Tool Kit - mounts inside frame for easy storage / carrying

Please note: This is for the long wheelbase Brompton frame only.

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Brompton Tool Kit

Our favourite Brompton and Brompton Electric accessory. Yes really!

The tool kit is just easy to put in the bike and forget about it until you need it (rather than finding you are stranded as you forgot to pack your tools for this ride!)

This long awaited tool kit from Brompton finally hit the streets in November 2012 - so it's 10 years old now!

The kit contains a collection of essential tools for your Brompton - we think it's a must have accessory!

It fits inside the bike frame for easy carrying.

A cleverly designed rubber coated magnet in the end of the tool kit tube stops it dropping out too easily when the bike is folded (we've had two in our bikes which have travelled worldwide - and so far they have stayed safe and secure)

Every Brompton should have one of these! (In our opinion) - along with a front carrier block

Since we said the above - all Bromptons (since now 2021 - excluding the B75) come with a a Brompton front carrier block as standard!

Brompton make the world's most iconic folding bicycles. Originally designed in 1977, it has been continuously refined ever since. However, until recently, there has never been a dedicated tool kit for the bike

That's now changed: The Brompton tool kit fits discretely within the front frame tube such that, when the bike is in use, the toolkit is fully enclosed and safe within the frame

The tool kit includes all the tools necessary for most road-side repairs in a compact, lightweight, sleek looking pack

Perhaps the most innovative features of the kit are the space-saving double-ended driver bits and the unique tyre levers (unique as the incorporate spanners within the tyre lever).

These levers make removing tyres substantially easier - compared to using your hands alone and also incorporate 10 and 12mm spanners 

Remember: tyre levers should be used as an aid when removing tyres - but not when fitting, for tyre installation you need technique, not brute force - to avoid damaging the tyre or inner tube - see below for how to fit a tyre with no lever and how to remove a tyre using the levers included in this tool kit

Brompton tool kit contents:

  • Tyre levers with integral 8mm and 10mm spanners
  • 15mm spanner (for wheel removal) with integral ratchet driver
  • Pozi drive and flat head screwdriver bit
  • 2.5mm and 5mm Allen key / hex wrench bit
  • 3mm and 4mm Allen key / hex wrench bit
  • 2mm and 6mm Allen key / hex wrench bit
  • Puncture repair patches (glueless) - use instructions are on the inside of the box
  • Sandpaper 
  • All held securely in a sturdy metal tube

Please note: This is for the long wheelbase Brompton frame only. The hinge clamp prevents installation in the short wheelbase model.

The Brompton tool kit is compatible with the Brompton B75

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q101704
Brompton old Q part reference: QTOOLKIT
Brompton part number: 9028047 

 Fitting of a tyre on a Brompton folding bike - without using tools

Removal of a tyre from a Brompton folding bike using the tyre levers from the Brompton tool kit

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Susanne
    on 08/06/2019
    "This is for the long wheelbase Brompton frame only." How do I know if it fits my bike? I've got a M3L 2016 model but would that be a long wheelbase or not? Answer:
    Yes - 2016 would be a long Wheelbase Brompton
  • Asked by Fabian Blandford
    on 01/12/2021
    I'm interested in this toolkit, but don't know if it will fit my Brompton which I was given by a relative who has had it over 25 years. Is there a way for me to measure the length inside the frame tube to see if it will fit? How long is this kit? Answer:
    Based on the age of your Brompton it will be the old style frame and the Toolkit’s do won’t fit inside the frame, if you are not 100% certain please send us a photo
  • Asked by Ryan
    on 22/03/2022
    Will this fit inside the frame of a B75? Answer:
    Yes, this will fit into your B75


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