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Schwalbe Marathon Winter 16 x 1.2 studded winter tyre



30-349 / 16 x 1.2 studded / spiked Winter tyre from Schwalbe

72 spikes / studs help improve grip in icy / snowy conditions

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Schwalbe Marathon Winter 16 inch tyre

Schwalbe made this spiked tyre called Winter with Brompton in mind

Schwalbe said in the November 2014 edition of their Profil dealer magazine:

"Brompton and Birdy are among the classic folding bikes. The tyre sizes are as special as the bikes themselves. Schwalbe now presents its spiked tyre called Winter for the first time in the 30-349 (Brompton) size. Fans of folding bikes no longer need to give up their favourite bike in the winter. With its 72 metal pins, the winter tyre has a firm grip on the ground and perfect control on slippery surfaces. With a 50 EPI carcass, reflective strips and K-guard puncture protection, it combines high quality tyre technology with a low price. Just like all of Schwalbes spiked tyres, it is safe to ride on dry roads too."

The Winter provides excellent control on glassy ice. Only in extreme cornering is its big brother Marathon Winter superior. With 50 EPI carcass, reflective lines on the sidewall and K-Guard it offers great benefits at an entry-level price.

Weight: 465g (16 oz)
Spikes / studs: 72
Inflate to: 65-115 psi / 4.5-8 bar  

Frequently Asked Questions about Winter Tyres:

Q: Can it also be ridden on a normal road?
A: Without any problem, but if the road is only rarely covered with snow the resulting tyre noise may prove slightly annoying.

Q: And it won’t slide out in cornering?
A: No. The spikes ‘claw’ really well into normal asphalt roads and even fast cornering is not a problem.

Q: Aren’t spikes illegal?
A: Bike tire spikes are no problem. Only motor vehicles spikes are prohibited in some countries, because they damage the road. Fast E-bikes are however considered motor vehicles.

Q: Do the tires have to be run in?
A: In order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tires should be run in for about 40km on asphalt/tarmac, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking. 

Q: What is the lifespan of the spikes?
A: All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely hard wearing tungsten carbide, so they can cover a few thousand kilometers. It is normal for the spike edges to round off and for them to become more deeply embedded.

Q: Some spikes came out. Can they be replaced?
A: Yes, we offer a set of replacement spikes incl. tool.

Q: What are the tyres limitations?
A: In deep snow even spike tires won’t help.

Q: In certain areas snow rarely stays around long. Are spike tires still an option?
A: It would be best to mount the tires on your second bike. Depending upon the morning weather, use the most suitable bike. On icy roads, when even cars are having problems, it is a great feeling to be in full control on spike tyres.

Schwalbe code / article no: 11100905

We made a short video on how to fit this tyre to your Brompton wheel

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by a guest
    on 07/01/2021
    Are these tyres suitable for a Brompton Electric? Answer:
    Although we have not tried these on the electric, these are fine on a manual Brompton, so see no issue with them on the electric.
  • Asked by Mark
    on 27/05/2022
    HiWill these fit under mudguards? Answer:
    Yes, we have had no problems at all with these when fitted to our Bromptons.
  • Asked by Douglas Baker
    on 09/06/2022
    Spiked Winter Tyres I have a Brompton T6 2004 with standard Brompton tyres. When folded the rear tyre touches the bottom bracket and the small tube that runs up the main top tube. I appreciate that a spiked tyre will affect that area. The standard Brompton tyres I have, green stripe and reflective stripe, have very little clearance from the bottom bracket. Will a spiked rear tyre fit the 2004 model without the spikes catching? Answer:
    We have never had issues with Bromptons fitted with spiked tyres
  • Asked by a guest
    on 22/09/2022
    Hello, Please could you tell me if this is the price for one tyre, or a pair? Thank you. Answer:
    The price is for one tyre

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