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Continental Contact Urban Brompton Tyre - Brown/Black 16 x 1.35 (Folding)



Continental Contact Urban Brompton Tyre in Black/Brown 16 x 1.35 inch (Folding)

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Continental Contact Urban Brompton Tyre in Black/Brown 16 x 1.35 inch (Folding)

The Continental Contact Urban folding, is Continental's 2nd tyre designed specifically for the Brompton and Brompton electric folding bicycle

This is like the original Continental Contact Urban, but has a brown / darktan wall, and a folding bead rather than wire bead - this makes it perfect for taking touring as a spare tyre!

These tyres give the perfect balance between good rolling resistance and puncture protection

This tyre is so good it is now (as of early 2022 and in black) an option on the Brompton P Line (Performance Line) bikes - and it's the favourite to run on our personal bikes
(We have a demo bike with these tyres if you want to come to Chobham and feel how nicely they roll)

The cross-woven Nylon construction of the tyre is robust while still being flexible, providing maximum puncture protection with the addition of minimal weight

Continental claim you will have reduced punctures from sharp stones and glass - we have ridden 1000's of kilometres on the previous - wired (not folding) version, and so far it seems to be a good claim

This puts these tyres at Continental puncture protection level 6/7

Cycling on the City Pulse. (Continentals words!) Premium mobility for design enthusiasts. Urban profile packed with the latest technology. The perfect symbiosis between light-rolling and puncture protection is reflected in this speciality tyre designed for the City Jungle.

Tyre size: ETRTO 35-349 (16x1.35") - Brompton folding bike size

Tyre pressures:

  • minimum - 65psi / 4.5 bar
  • maximum - 116psi / 8 bar

Note: It's important that these tyres are run at the correct pressures 

If not he tyre will deform around the rim which will them create pressure on the sidewall and eventually cut through. It is recommended to check the tyre pressure every two weeks and ideally before you ride.
It is also important to check that the brake block is not misaligned - this can lead to cutting into the tyre side wall or when material becomes trapped in that area and causing a small cut in the sidewall of the tyre which can worsen over time

Contact Urban Tyre Features:

  • Colour: Black / Brown (no reflective strip on the side wall)
  • Directional tread with low rolling resistance
  • Fast? Not a problem with approval for E-Bikes up to 25km/h
  • Payload: 71kg (max) per tyre so equates to a 142kg rider
  • Weight: 221g
  • Urban tyre
  • PureGrip compound
  • SafetyPro Breaker

Note: If you have the really old chrome plated rims - these do not work - they can blow of the rims when inflated

We made this short video on the features of the previous Continental tyre and the associated inner tube

Inner tube:

Contental Compact 16 inch inner tube 
(We found that it works just as well - if not better - with the Schwalbe AV4 and/or Impac tubes for standard Brompton rims)

If you have a Brompton P Line or T Line with the new rims - you will need the Presta valve version or the Schwalbe SV4 tube
From the factory Brompton fit this tyre with their own version of the SV4 inner tube

Designed in Germany
Made in China 

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