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Enduro Max 7902 1ZS ABEC 3 Max bearing


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Enduro Max 7902 1ZS ABEC 3 bearing

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ENDURO 7902 1ZS - ABEC 3 MAX Bearing

MAX bearings are designed without retainers and 40% more balls than standard ABEC 3 or 5 bearings. This enables them to carry a much higher load and makes them perfect for frame pivots. They are also packed with CRC Marine Grease, which will not wash out or break down when wet ensuring your frame bearings last even longer.

Enduro 7902 1ZS specification:

  • Bearing code: 7902
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 28mm x 7mm
  • Bearing external diameter: 28mm
  • Bearing internal diameter: 15mm
  • Bearing width: 7mm
  • Bearing type: 1ZS Max
  • ABEC: 3 
  • Grade: 10
  • Seals: 1ZS
  • Grease: CRC Marine
  • Application: Frame Pivots
  • Bearing weight: 15g

1ZS means that the bearing is only sealed on one side - allowing it to be re-greased via the open side (in the case of Intense bottom / box links with the use of a Zerk port)

Enduro 7902 1ZS compatibility*

This bearing is used in the following bikes (that we know of):

  • Intense 951
  • Intense Carbine 29 
  • Intense Carbine 275 
  • Intense Carbine SL 
  • Intense M9 FRO (with updated lower box link) 
  • Intense Primer 29
  • Intense Spider 2
  • Intense Spider 275 
  • Intense Spider 29
    • 4 x 7902 bearings in the lower box link - these are sealed on one side and grease is pumped into the box link - a kit of 4 bearings is available from Intense with part number IT340361
    • (also uses 2 x 6901 bearings in the top link)
    • (also uses 2 x 6802 bearings in the top link)
  • Intense Tazer VP 
  • Intense Tracer 2 
  • Intense Tracer 29 
  • Intense Tracer 275 Alloy 
  • Intense Tracer T275 Carbon
  • Intense Tracer 2nd generation carbon (introduced in 2017 as part of the 2018 range)
  • Intense Uzzi VP 
  • Intense Uzzi 275 - introduced in 2016
  • Intense SS2

*That we know of - bikes we have / sell / sold / specialise in!

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Data sheet

Bearing Outside Diameter28mm
Bearing Inside Diameter15mm
Bearing Width7mm