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Brompton chain 98 Links 3/32" with PowerLink


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Brompton 98 link replacement chain for 2 or 6 speed Bromptons with a 44 tooth chain ring or 3 speed Brompton with a 50 tooth chain ring.

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Brompton 98 link chain, complete with SRAM powerlink

Originally the Brompton chains with 3/32" width were just for Bromptons fitted with a derailleur (hence the Q part code suffix of DR). Later models (approx 2012 onwards) started using a stepped in rear sprocket on all models.

If you are changing your chain we also recommend changing the sprocket(s) - changing just the chain will result in the chain wearing quicker and the chain may also slip on the old sprocket(s) when under load.

A standard 2 speed (12/16T rear sprockets) or 6 speed (13T/16T rear sprockets) Brompton bike comes with a 50 tooth chainring, if this has been changed to a 44 tooth chainring, then the chain length reduces by 2 from the standard 100 link chain - giving this (98 link) one.

A standard 3 speed Brompton comes with a 13T rear sprocket and 50 tooth front chainring - and uses this 98 Link Chain,

Note: if your chainring is smaller you would need to remove links (e.g. if changed from 50 to 44 you would remove two links) 

If your chainring is bigger your would need to add links (e.g. if changed from 50 to 54 teeth you would add two links - giving a chain length of 102 links)

The chain is marked: SRAM PC-10

Tools Required:

To remove your old chain you could need a chain tool (it depends upon whether the old chain had a powerlink)

Brompton Q part code: QCHAIN098DR
Old Brompton Q part code: QCHAIN98DR
Brompton part number: 9022038



Has lasted well

I have had about 6000 miles out of the previous chain and rear sprockets. I don't think that's too bad. I lubricate after each ride with Cleanride and i think that helps to prolong the life of the chain etc.. It certainly keeps the chain clean, which is useful if a rear puncture repair is needed.

Brilliant service from Brilliant Bikes.


    Good product, great service

    Bought as part of a drive train replacement for my 2007 Brompton, the bike is running great now, awesome service from Brilliant Bikes.
    Time will tell how long the chain lasts.


      easy to apply

      Easy to change. Lasts for a few months, which is why I don't give it 5*, though I believe that's typical of Bromptons. Service is great, very helpful and fast.


        New chain

        Packed well fast delivery , the chain came with oil on it and brilliant bikes sent me some free latex gloves which kept my hands clean


          Brompton chain

          The correct chain for my 6 speed Brompton. I do quite a high mileage and so end up replacing the chain quite frequently. As ever delivered at lightning speed by Brilliant Bikes. And as a bonus it was Brilliant Bikes' 24,000th order so they decided to refund my payment! Thanks a lot.


            A Brompton chain

            So it is a Brompton chain but thAt is not the point. It is the seller. Brilliant bikes my on line local cycle shop! Prompt and brilliant

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              Brompton chain 98 Links 3/32" with PowerLink

              Brompton chain 98 Links 3/32" with PowerLink

              Brompton 98 link replacement chain for 2 or 6 speed Bromptons with a 44 tooth chain ring or 3 speed Brompton with a 50 tooth chain ring.



              Brompton chain datasheet

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              2013 Crankset

              Brompton crankset description

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