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Brompton BLACK derailleur gear shifter with integrated brake lever



Brompton 2017 derailleur gear shifter with integrated brake lever - Black

Colour: Black

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Brompton 2017 derailleur gear shifter and integrated brake lever - BLACK

2 speed shifters are used on 2 speed and 6 speed bikes and control the rear derailleur gear mechanism. On 6 speed bikes the 2 speed derailleur works in conjunction with a 3 speed hup gear system, giving 6 gears in total.

These new shifters were introduced on 2017 model bikes late in 2016

The integrated shifter is not compatible with older brake levers (they have no mounting holes)

The Brompton 2-speed shifter uses a self-returning lever to change between the two gears. 

Pushing it down with your thumb will shift into an easier gear and clicking the lever upwards with the back of the thumb will shift into a harder gear. 

It is possible to change gear while pedalling or stationary, though the gear will not engage until the pedals are moving forward (i.e. you start pedalling). 

The indicator window shows you which gear is selected. (+ for higher gear and - for lower gear)

Note: This shifter is not compatible with the old (pre-2017) high rise M-type and H-type handlebars

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100658
Brompton Q part code: QGSHIFTL2A-BK
Brompton part number: 9002993 


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Brompton BLACK derailleur gear shifter with integrated brake lever

Brompton BLACK derailleur gear shifter with integrated brake lever

Brompton 2017 derailleur gear shifter with integrated brake lever - Black

Colour: Black

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by Boris Azais
    on 14/12/2018
    Hi,I bought the 3 to 6 gear lot and all required parts (RPVVCBHPS Placed on 02/05/2018). My bike shop is struggling with the installation of the gear trigger.Apparently, it doesn't fit. This may have to do with the fact that my 3-gear Brompton is from 2012 and I think the bar handles have changed in diameter in more recent models.Can you help me find the right gear trigger or be able to talk to someone to see why they're struggling to install the piece that was in my original order?ThanksBoris +33 631549465 Answer:
    Hi, It's definitely the correct trigger - that kit existed before your bike was made. It can be a bit tight (from personal experience) but will definitely fit
  • Asked by Seth
    on 24/03/2019
    Is this for the right or left lever or can they just be switched over? Answer:
    The derailleur shifter goes on the left hand side
  • Asked by clive
    on 17/04/2019
    Why isn't this lever suitable for pre 2017 bars? Answer:
    The pre-2017 bars had less space for the grips / levers due to the bend of the handlebars
  • Asked by Dominic Carroll
    on 14/06/2019
    Hi Can these be retrofitted to pre -2017 M handlebar bikes Thank you Answer:
    They will not fit pre-2017 bars
  • Asked by Kan
    on 01/07/2019
    Hello! I have a 2016 S-type bar. Can I use it . If so. I want both left and right hand. Do you ship to Hong Kong? Thanks Answer:
    Unfortunately we (due to our agreement with Brompton) don't ship to Hong Kong. These would fit your bike so I suggest that you contact the Hong Kong dealer who should be able to help you.
  • Asked by Alan
    on 09/09/2019
    Hi could you tell me which m bars I would need to be able to fit the integrated derailleur, gear shifter i have the b75 brompton and have Been told the m bars on this won't accept the changer ...thank you Answer:
    You would need to change the bars and (ideally) the handlebar stem in order to achieve this. You could fit the new low-rise bars, without changing the stem. The handlebar is Brompton part code: QHB-M/H[2] - but then you would have a lower (more leaning over) riding position.
  • Asked by Harry Nazwar
    on 22/08/2021
    I want to upgrade from 3 to 6 do you sell only the shifter without the brake lever Answer:
    Sorry, these only come as an integrated set

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