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Brompton hub gear cable pulley assembly



Brompton hub gear cable pulley assembly - QCPULA.

This routes the hub gear cable through a 90 degree bend just before attachment to the gear indicator chain.

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Brompton hub gear cable pulley

A bit about the Brompton hub gear pulley assembly

The Brompton gear cable pulley assembly is part of the hub-gear system used on the majority of Bromptons. It's job is to help route the gear cable through approx 90 degrees where cable emerges from the cable outer and connects to the cable anchor (which in turn connects to the gear indicator chain).

In (approx July) 2015 the design changed slightly to a slightly more rounded shape. This is compatible with older Bromptons (long and short wheelbase, SRAM and Sturmey Archer Hubs) - just the design has changed slightly.

Made of tough plastic, it contains a wheels which allows the cable to move freely.

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100012
Brompton Q part code: QCPULA
Brompton part number: 9011063 

A bit more about the Brompton hub gear system:

The Brompton hub gear system begins with the gear trigger / lever on the right hand side of the handlebars (as you are sitting on the bike)

A gear cable (inner) feeds into the trigger and exits into a gear cable outer

Where the gear cable outer ends, the cable feeds through the cable pulley assembly (this part) which guides the cable (using an inbuilt roller wheel) through an approximately 90 degree bend

The cable then attaches to a gear cable anchor (these are different for SRAM (also known as Sachs) ans Sturmey Archer hub gear systems)

The cable anchor then attaches to the gear indicator chain which in turn screws into the rear wheel hub (passing through the indicator chain nut)

Using the gear trigger pulls the cable and chain - changing gear

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