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Brompton Gear indicator chain for 3 speed Sturmey, Alloy shell



Brompton Gear indicator chain for 3 speed Sturmey, Alloy shell and BWR 6 speed hubs - SA II

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Sturmey Archer gear indicator chain Mk II

As used on the current (as at 2018) Brompton BSR - Brompton Standard Ratio and BWR (6 speed) - Brompton Wide Ratio wheels

This chain pulls the internal hub gear to actuate a gear change (don't pedal as you change hub gears)

Suitable for Sturmey Archer / Brompton alloy shell hubs

This has a longer axle than the MK I - but you won't be able to compare unless you have both

We have added a picture with approx size to help you measure the axle length (we make it approx 65.5mm from the tip of the the screw - into the axle - to the end of the knuckle on the first link of the chain)

The gear indicator chain comes complete with the locking nut which tightens against the cable anchor on the Brompton

Compatible hubs include:

  • Brompton Sturmey Archer BWR 6 speed - Brompton Wide Ratio - this includes the Brompton Electric Brompton Wide Ratio rear wheel
  • Brompton Sturmey Archer BSR - Brompton Sturmey Archer - as used on the B75 / A Line
  • Sturmey Archer AW / SAB3 / AB / AG with 6 1/4 inch (159 mm) axle length
  • Sturmey Archer SC3 with 6 inch (152 mm) axle length
  • Sturmey Archer S5 with 5 13/16 inch (148mm) axle length - used on left hand side
  • Sturmey Archer S5 with 6 1/16 inch (154mm) axle length - used on both left and right hand sides
  • Sturmey Archer S5 with 6 5/16 inch (160mm) axle length - used on right hand side

Brompton Q part code: QGICH3-SA[2]
Brompton old (pre-2013) Q part code: QGICH3-SA
Brompton part number: 9011094

Sturmey archer part code / sales no: HSA126 - Gear Indicator MK2
This can be identified by SA II carved into the the spindle (you will need to remove the indicator chain to check what yours says) - you will also need to remove the dirt covering the marking on your existing indicator chain

We made this short video showing where the gear indicator chain fits and connects to the gear cable via the cable anchor, and how to adjust the hub gears

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    Answered questions

  • Asked by philip
    on 16/05/2019
    my indicator chain has broken off with the poited screew end still in the hub. is there away to renmove this in order to fit a new indicator chain? Answer:
    This can definitely be removed - worst case is to disassemble the hub - any good bike shop should be able to do it - or you could bring it to us in Chobham
  • Asked by a guest
    on 11/03/2021
    I have a Brompton (3 speed) purchased at the end of 2011. Is this the correct chain? Answer:
    Yes this is the correct gear indicator chain for your 3Speed Brompton
  • Asked by Chris Elton
    on 06/08/2021
    Hi I have a 217 S6 (a BWC). My gear indicator has become detached and lost…..hence I’m unable to measure it. Which one do I need to order? Answer:
    We think you mean BWR, if so you will need this product, Brompton Gear indicator chain for 3 speed Sturmey, Alloy shell (QGICH3-SA[2]), link as follows:
  • Asked by Av
    on 25/10/2021
    I have lost the locking nut from my electric Brompton hub gear (six speed version) is the his what I need to get the nut? Answer:
    The gear indicator chain comes complete with the locking nut (only done up tight finger tight) - it's unusual to lose that part
  • Asked by a guest
    on 04/04/2022
    Hi there, quick double check if this will fit the 3-speed B-75? Many thanks :) Answer:
    Yes this will be perfect for your B75 (now called A Line)


BSR diagram

Brompton Sturmey Archer BSR exploded view

Download (150.27k)

BWR hub parts list

Brompton Wide Ratio BWR hub diagram

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Data sheet

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