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Intense Main Pivot Expander Bolt Cone



Intense spare part: Intense main pivot expander cone - black

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This expander cone bolt is used to help hold the expander bolt in place - which in turn is used to mount the Lower box link for Intense bikes. 

Note: This is the expander cone adjuster only - you may also need the expander bolt (with a choice of fine or coarse thread), cone adjuster bolt and main pivot bearing caps if you are replacing everything.

One of these cone adjusters is used for each expander bolt- there is one expander bolt for the top and the bottom of the lower link.

This expander cone fits at least the expander cone (fine) for the lower box link used in the following Intense frames (2011 and after):
Intense M9 FRO
Intense Tracer 2 
Intense Tracer 275 Alloy (2013 and 2014 models only)
Intense Tracer 275 and Tracer T275 carbon
Intense Tracer 29
Intense Spider 2
Intense Spider 29
Intense SS2
Intense Uzzi VP
Intense Uzzi
Intense Tazer VP
Intense 951 

If you look at the attached manual for the 951 EVO you can see the location of the expander cone in the exploded BOM diagram

Tools required: 
8mm allen key (to remove / install expander bolt)
5mm allen key (to remove / install cone adjuster bolt) 

Old part number for this was 130107 - they are the same

Note: The part is stamped with part number 130777

This part is also avalible as part of a kit: IT340348

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