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Brompton brake caliper - black



Brompton brake calliper - black - new 2018 model

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Handlebar Type:All
WheelbaseLong and Short
Front / RearRear

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Brompton brake caliper - black

Fits front or rear
Colour: Black
New for 2018 model Brompton - fits all all previous models
Note: you may need a new front mudguard / to drill out the mounting hole in the mudguard from 5-6mm on an older Brompton

Consists of assembled brake caliper, with one piece pads/holders - complete with replacement gaiter

This document from Park Tool could be helpful if you are trying to set-up your brakes

In pre-2018 Brompton callipers, the rear brake caliper had a slightly shorter brake bolt than the front brake caliper (if you are interested in the difference) - now they are the same

The bolt diameter is slightly larger - so if you have pre 2018 mudguards then you will have to enlarge the hole slightly (difficult) or replace the mudguard (easier)

Tools required: 10mm spanner

Brompton brakes history:

  • MK4 - New 2018 model caliper - front and rear are now the same 
  • MK3 - BLACK edition - this one - originally available on BLACK edition Brompton bicycles only and released to the aftermarket in 2016
  • MK3 - is the dual pivot Brompton caliper in an anodized finish introduced in 2008/2009 
  • The MK3 was originally in silver and introduced in 2000/2001 but didn't become standard equipment until 2006
  • MK2 was a single pivot from Alhonga
  • MK1 was a single pivot from Saccon

Brompton Q part code: QBRCAL
Brompton part number: 9006960

Note: made for Brompton by Ahlonga

Please also note: These are for Brompton bicycles - we hear of someone trying to fit to a fake Chinese "Brompton" - they didn't fit

Looking for even more stopping power? Try the Brompton Electric version - the same calipers, with SwissStop pads



Good replacement Brompton brake caliper

I bought this to replace the front of a 2003 model brompton. It does fit the rear too and the pack includes washes to allow this to happen.

Unless you have a very recent Brompton you are likely to have to make an adaption to the forks in order for this to fit. The older, silver, models had a nut that screwed onto the back of the fork and remained external to the fork. This model has a a sleeve bolt that goes inside the fork. In order to allow for the extra width of this you need to drill the hole in the back of the fork to 8mm. This needs a good metal drill bit as the steel is tough. The Same is the case for the mudguard although that is much easier. The original hole acts as a guide for the larger drill bit making it easy if you are happy to use a power tool.

The new caliper feels much more powerful and the cable attachment is improved. It comes with pads so the real price of this upgrade is about £20.

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    Brompton brake caliper - black

    Brompton brake caliper - black

    Brompton brake calliper - black - new 2018 model

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      Answered questions

    • Asked by Nigel Hare
      on 05/01/2019
      What is the weight of these new 2018 calipers including brake pads? Answer:
      On our scales these Brompton brake calipers and pads weigh in at approx 200g
    • Asked by Ian Nightingale
      on 20/02/2019
      I have a 2012 M3L brompton. I need a replacement front caliper because of a seized bolt. I read online that the modern caliper 2018+ requires a bigger hole in the front fork. Is that the case? Is the 2018+ caliper compatible with all past bromtons if the mudguard issue mentioned is sorted? Answer:
      The new caliper does have a larger bolt - but it fits in the fork. If you have mudguards then you will either need a new mudguard or to drill out the mudguard hole (which we found to be tricky but some have done it OK)

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