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Brompton Schwalbe Kojak 16 inch tyre



Brompton Schwalbe Kojak lightweight 16 inch tyre with reflective sidewall

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Brompton Kojak 16 inch tyre - weighs just 185g

The lightest tyre available for your Brompton folding bike!

This Brompton Kojak was one of two replacements for the Schwalbe Stelvio tyre which was discontinued by Schwalbe in 2009. It is made specifically for Brompton Bicycle Limited

(The other was a Schwalbe folding bead Kojak which was also later discontinued in favour of a wired bead version of the Kojak, adding a bit of weight)

In 2017 it's still going strong and is the fastest / lightest Brompton tyre available - though this comes at the expense of some puncture protection

The Kojak tyre is offered as a factory fit option on all new Brompton bikes - since January 2010 - it weighs in at just 185g so saves approximately 232g over the standard Brompton green/kevlar tyre.

Did you know the Schwalbe Kojak Tyre gets its name from the fictional 1970's TV detective of the same name - Kojak - played by Telly Savalas?

The Brompton Kojak tyre should be kept at even higher pressures than other Brompton tyres, these lightweight slicks are the fastest in the Brompton tyre range 

Their slightly smaller diameter means that gearing is lowered by 2.5% and their narrower width also makes them unsuitable for use with the older style of tyre-driven dynamo lighting

The kevlar beading allows the tyre to be folded (perfect for keeping a spare in your desk drawer or carrying as a backup when touring). Comes with a reflective band around the sidewall to make you more visible to cars at night

This tyre comes unboxed

Note: scales not included

Tip: To help avoid punctures / increase confidence - we add some Stans Notubes sealant

This is what is used in mountain bike tubeless tyre setup. It's added to the inside of the tube

Sealant is added by removing the inner tube valve core - using a valve core tool, squirting in the sealant and replacing the valve core

If you do then get a thorn / piece of glass into the tyre - the sealant helps to fix the puncture (often without you knowing)

Brompton Schwalbe Kojak light tyre - features:

ETRTO size: 32-349 (16" x 1 1/4")
Weight: 185g
Inflation pressure: 70-115 PSI
Inner tube: Schwalbe AV4

Brompton say: "Replacing the Stelvio for 2010, the Kojak is the fastest tyre we've ever fitted on the Brompton; lighter and more puncture resistant (thanks to a RaceGuard strip) than its predecessor; a Kevlar bead also allows it to be folded, making it easy to pack as a spare. Finished with reflective sidewalls."

Note: These Brompton technical videos may be useful in your tyre replacement task: (we strongly recommend against the use of tyre levers when installing tyres and inner tubes as it can often result in damage to the tyre, inner tube of both).

External resources for additional help:

Brompton rear wheel removal and replacement video

Brompton front wheel removal and replacement video

Brompton tyre removal and replacement video

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100050
Brompton Q part reference: QTYRKOJAK
Brompton part number: 9026081

Sorry, we are only able to ship Brompton products (including this Kojak tyre) to European Union countries  - we can ship the Schwalbe Kojak 16 inch wired tyre worldwide



Great lightweight alternative to the Brompton/marathon tyres

I replaced my marathon plus tyres with these as part of a weight reduction of my Brompton. As I cycle through central Bristol I was concerned about punctures as there's lots of glass around, but 18 months later I haven't had a single one and the bike is nippier as a result of the switch. Haven't had an issues in the wet, they seem to have lots of grip.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

More mudguard clearance

I like to tour with my Brompton, mixed surfaces from hard to grit. I have found that on gritty paths mud can accumulate between the Brompton factory fitted tyre and mudguard since there is very little clearance, on some occasions I have had to stop and dig the dirt out. Having fitted my new tyres I am pleasantly surprised to find I have much more clearance which I feel will stop the accumulation of grit in the first place. Yet to see how they cope on wet surfaces. Initial thoughts are the bike is more nippy which is also great and the main reason I replaced the original Brompton tyres. Great service from Brilliant Bikes, many thanks.


    Great slicks for Brompton

    Very happy with the Kojaks. Bike is palpably lighter with them fitted and and about 20% faster it seems. Don't think I'll go back to the chunkier options, unless we have a very wet winter. Would recommend.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Best tyres for Brompton

    I ride these all year round. Probably a bit more puncture prone than marathons but weight and speed make up for it. Fantastic service from BB as always!

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Cracking tyre, looks the business but check them regularly

    Unless you live up a muddy track you should try them. Easy to fit and remove, lightweight, low rolling resistance and will take high pressures. Check them for flints regularly as they will puncture, sometimes mysteriously overnight. But I can forgive this as they look good even before you put them on the bike.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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    Brompton Schwalbe Kojak 16 inch tyre

    Brompton Schwalbe Kojak 16 inch tyre

    Brompton Schwalbe Kojak lightweight 16 inch tyre with reflective sidewall

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