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Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tan wall tyre



Brompton Schwalbe One lightweight 16 inch tyre with tan coloured sidewall

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Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tyre - tan wall tyre

New for 2019 - these tyres were originally just available on the CHPT3 limited Brompton series

Weighs in at just 175g (approx)

The kevlar beading allows the tyre to be folded (perfect for keeping a spare in your desk drawer or carrying as a backup when touring)

Tip: To help avoid punctures / increase confidence - we add some Stans Notubes sealant to our tubes

This is what is used in mountain bike tubeless tyre setup. It's added to the inside of the tube

Sealant is added by removing the inner tube valve core - using a valve core tool, squirting in the sealant and replacing the valve core

If you do then get a thorn / piece of glass into the tyre - the sealant helps to fix the puncture (often without you knowing)

Brompton Schwalbe One tan wall tyre - features:

ETRTO size: 35-349 (16" x 35mm)
Weight: 175g
Inflation pressure: 65-100 PSI
Inner tube: Schwalbe AV4

Note: These Brompton technical videos may be useful in your tyre replacement task: (we strongly recommend against the use of tyre levers when installing tyres and inner tubes as it can often result in damage to the tyre, inner tube of both).

External resources for additional help:

Brompton rear wheel removal and replacement video

Brompton front wheel removal and replacement video

Brompton tyre removal and replacement video

Brompton 2020 Q part reference: Q100054
Brompton Q part reference: QTYR-ONE-TAN
Brompton part number: 9021000

Sorry, we are only able to ship Brompton products (including this Schwalbe One tyre) to European Union countries  - we can ship the Schwalbe Kojak 16 inch wired tyre worldwide

We made this short video about the Brompton Schwalbe One tyre ..... a picture may tell a thousand words, but a video builds on that?



No puncture protection

I've had numerous punctures with these on my chpt 3. Don't waste your money. Get the new tan wall marathon racers. I've got these on the explore and they are superb.

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Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tan wall tyre

Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tan wall tyre

Brompton Schwalbe One lightweight 16 inch tyre with tan coloured sidewall

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  • Asked by Haythem
    on 01/04/2021
    Will my stock inner tuber be compatible for the schwalbe one ? Thanks Answer:
    Yes the stock inner tube will be compatible with the Brompton Schwalbe One 16 inch tan wall tyre

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