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Brompton Pentaclip - silver



The Brompton Pentaclip is used to secure a rail saddle to the Brompton seatpost.

Colour: Silver

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Brompton Pentaclip - Silver

The Brompton Pentaclip is designed by Brompton for connecting rail saddles (most saddles are like this) To the Brompton seatpost

The Pentaclip comes as standard on the Brompton C Line and Brompton Electric C Line. It can also be uses (though is not provided as standard) on the Brompton A Line

It can handle saddles with a rail spacing of 43 mm (centre to centre) and a rail diameter of 7 mm, though it can also cope with a reasonable variation in these dimensions. If the saddle’s rails are closer together the pentaclip may feel stiff when the angle is adjusted.

As well as connecting the saddle to the Brompton seatpost (all types - standard/telescopic/extended), the Pentaclip also allows for adjustment of the saddle. By losening the pentaclip the saddle can be slid forwards to reduce the reach required to the handlebars or backwards to increase reach.

In addition, the Pentaclip can be turned "upside-down" to give about an extra inch / 2cm of saddle height

The Pentaclip / saddle need to be removed in order to remove the seatpost

Fitting instructions for the Pentaclip are included on the package

Tools required: 5mm Allen key / hex wrench

Note: in 2019 the word Brompton on the back of the Pentaclip was replaced with a logo depicting a Brompton 

Weight: we make it 107g on our scales 

Colour: Silver (also available in black)

We made this short video about the anatomy of the Brompton Pentaclip - how to fit it and how to put it back together should you drop the pieces all over the floor!

Brompton 2020 Q part code: Q100031
Brompton Q part code: QPENTACLIPA
Brompton part number: 9018079 

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Brompton Pentaclip Datasheet

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